Can Hypnosis Be Dangerous?

Hypnosis is a brain state in which you are highly responsive to suggestions. It can be used to help people overcome phobias, stop smoking and lose weight. It can be used for just about ANYTHING, but those are just the most common things. 

It’s also used for entertainment purposes, like making someone cluck like a chicken or believe they’re being chased by an imaginary dog. In fact, “hypnotism” comes from the Greek words Hypnos (“sleep”) and teinein (“to cause”). So what exactly is going on here? How does it work? And could it be dangerous? Keep reading for answers!

Hypnosis is a state where your body is relaxed but you are still conscious.

While you are in a hypnotic state, your body is relaxed but still aware of what’s happening around you. You can hear, see and feel everything that is going on and will remember it later when you are out of the hypnotic state. Most importantly, you are in control of your actions at all times during hypnosis and can stop the session at any time if something makes you uncomfortable or if something happens that makes you feel unsafe. In fact, some people have been found to come out of a deep level of hypnosis while close to death from an injury and immediately begin calling out for help!

Hypnosis is not dangerous when done properly.

Hypnosis is a safe practice. Hypnosis is not dangerous.

It can be used to help you with a variety of issues and problems, such as:

It is not a medical procedure or drug. It will not affect your brain chemistry in any way; it won’t make you do anything against your will; it isn’t mind control; there’s no danger of memory loss; it won’t change your personality, and there are no negative side effects to being hypnotized whatsoever.

Can Hypnosis Harm You?

While hypnosis itself is not harmful, the use of ineffective or inappropriate hypnotists can lead to detrimental effects. In one case study from 2006, a woman was hypnotized by an amateur hypnotist who told her she would feel no pain during the surgery and that she would be awake but still under his control as he performed her procedure. The patient woke up during surgery and began screaming in agony while the surgeon attempted to continue with his work. The patient later sued both the doctor and the amateur hypnotist for causing her trauma.

In another case study conducted by researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine, researchers found that post-hypnotic suggestions can increase one’s susceptibility to suggestions even after waking up after being hypnotized suggesting that people who have been hypnotized may be more vulnerable than they realize when exposed to persuasive messages without realizing they’ve been affected by them.

While these examples show how dangerous hypnosis can be if done incorrectly or incompetently, it’s important to note that most people never experience any adverse effects from being hypnotized properly in therapy sessions or stage shows by trained professionals such as psychiatrists or psychologists who have undergone extensive training on how to use these techniques safely

So is it dangerous?

The question of whether or not hypnosis can be dangerous is often asked by people who are unfamiliar with the practice. The answer is simple: no, it cannot be dangerous when performed properly. In fact, there are many benefits to using hypnosis for self-improvement and mental health needs such as stress relief and anxiety reduction.

Just think about how easy it would be to give yourself a relaxing experience without medication! When performed correctly by an experienced practitioner (not just anyone calling themselves a hypnotist), this technique can have very positive effects on your body and mind. This article will explain why hypnosis is not harmful in any way – but rather has numerous benefits that help you lead a better life overall!

Can Hypnosis Affect Your Brain?

In a study conducted at Stanford University School of Medicine, researchers used MRI to examine the effects of hypnosis on the brain and they found that hypnotized people exhibited distinct changes in brain activity compared to controls without hypnosis. In particular, they discovered that during hypnosis, connections between different regions of the brain become stronger.

These regions include areas involved in regulating pain and mind-body connection. Researchers hypothesized that this may explain why patients can be hypnotized into feeling less pain when experiencing surgery under local anesthesia or childbirth without any drugs at all (although it’s still advisable for pregnant women or anyone else who wants a natural birth experience to use an epidural.)

Who Shouldn’t Use Hypnosis?

If you’re looking for a way to improve yourself and live a happier life, hypnosis might be right for you. However, there are some limitations on who can use hypnosis. People with a history of psychosis and low functioning schizophrenia or mental illness aren’t suitable hypnosis subjects.

People with major mental health conditions, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, are not typically suitable candidates for hypnosis. If you think that your condition is temporary or likely to improve over time (like depression), then it’s worth considering whether this therapy would be right for you although it may not be recommended if the condition hasn’t cleared up yet.

In any case, before starting any treatment program including this one make sure that both parties understand what risks are involved and how they can help each other succeed by working together throughout the process – especially when starting something new!

Do drugs/alcohol affect hypnosis?

The basic rule is that a little tiny bit often helps, but too much will completely ruin it. Just like a party, a few drinks will make it a good time…. but too many, and you’ll have a mess on your hands. You need to be loosened up, but still very conscious for it to work. Overall, drugs and alcohol are not recommended as a hypnosis enhancement, because any extra effectiveness will be small, and the risk of it not working at all is very high.

Can Hypnosis Make You Do Something Against Your Will?

How can I be sure that I won’t do something against my moral code?

The answer depends on how clever the hypnotist is. It’s possible for a hypnotist to get you to do things against your moral code. This is called “hypnotic amnesia” and means that you will not remember having done something immoral or unethical when under hypnosis. For example, let’s say there is a man who has been bothering you because he thinks that he owns the company where you work.

He frequently calls your boss and says rude things about her in front of everyone else at work; it’s embarrassing but she doesn’t know what else to do about it besides ignore him as best she can (which isn’t working very well). One day, this man shows up at your desk asking for help finding some information related to his job; since he hasn’t bothered anyone lately, you decide it might be fine if he uses some of your time looking through files—even though technically these should belong only to Company A employees like yourself…but whatever!

It’s not like anything bad will happen right? Wrong: While searching through those files outside their designated area may sound innocent enough—and maybe even necessary given recent circumstances involving staff layoffs across various departments within Company B–it turns out there was actually something hidden inside those folders/files!!! And now because we’ve fallen asleep during hypnosis sessions (which we did), we’re going straight into jail without parole!

The above example is extreme, but possible. In most cases, you will never do something that you don’t want to do. It takes an incredible level of situational manipulation to convince people to do someone to do something that they don’t want to do. Hypnosis is not a typical method for this. Trickery, coercion, lies, and propaganda are the usual methods.

So most people simply say that hypnosis cannot make you do something that you don’t want to do.

Can You Get Stuck in Hypnosis?

The answer is no. While you might feel relaxed during hypnosis, this state is completely self-regulatory; you can always wake up on your own. Although the term “hypnotic trance” sounds like something out of Dracula or The Exorcist, it’s not actually a form of sleep that requires external help to come out of (as this article explains).

Instead, if someone undergoes hypnosis, he or she can experience a trance-like state that allows them to focus intensely on the suggestions that are given. It’s more similar to daydreaming than unconsciousness: while going into a hypnotic trance and waking up from one differ in intensity and duration, they both require different levels of willpower—and no outside help—to initiate and complete.

Can Hypnosis Change Your Personality?

Can hypnosis change your personality?

We have to say that it’s not possible to change people’s entire personalities through hypnosis. In fact, if you look at the history of how this form of therapy came about (and why it continues to be used), it is clear that many different people have been trying—and failing—to make this happen for centuries. While we can influence behavior and help you to achieve certain goals in life, the answer depends on what kind of person you want to become; after all, it’s not possible for someone else’s beliefs or values onto anyone else.

However: You may still want some positive changes in your life because there are a lot of good things about being hypnotized! For example, if someone wants self-confidence or better communication skills (or perhaps even weight loss), then these things can be achieved with hypnosis simply because they’re no longer just dreams but reality! And while some might think this means altering one’s identity forever more…it doesn’t really work like that either! In fact–if anything–it could mean changing habits instead which could lead us back into our old ways sooner rather than later without proper care taken beforehand.”

You can certainly make additions to your personality, though. One might consider this a change… But you will always be you.

Can Hypnosis Cause Memory Loss?

Any memory loss created through hypnosis is temporary. 

The answer depends on how you define “memory loss.” If you are wondering whether or not hypnosis can make a person forget something, then the answer is no. Hypnosis does not cause memory loss—it changes the way your mind interprets memories. It is important to understand that hypnosis does not force your brain to do anything against its will. Hypnotic suggestions do not override what’s already there in your conscious mind; instead, they affect how you perceive information and deal with memories.

One could potentially alter memories, but outright deleting a memory is not something that a healthy human brain will like to comply with.

What happens during a hypnotic session?

During a hypnotic session, an individual may be asked to visualize situations or objects while focusing on positive thoughts and emotions associated with them (e.g., “I feel safe” while looking at an image of a sunset). As they do this under the guidance of their therapist or instructor, they’ll likely recall details about those things that had previously been inaccessible due to fear or anxiety surrounding them (e.g., being chased by someone wearing black clothing).

The person might also be encouraged through his/her imagination during therapy sessions such as these: “See yourself doing X,” where X could be anything from taking off into space without any equipment at all (but just using your own two feet) until landing safely back home again! The goal here isn’t necessarily mastery but rather gaining confidence in one’s abilities when faced with certain challenges later down the road…

How Long Do the Effects of Hypnosis Last?

The effect of hypnosis can be only an instant, or it last for a long time, depending on the problem and the specific techniques used. It also depends on the person. Some people may need more sessions to “touch up” the effects again. The effects of hypnosis last as long as you put your mind to them though, because what you see in your mind is what you create in life. You can make changes to your life now and start living a better life today with hypnosis audio files and self-hypnotic training sessions.

Posthypnotic suggestions last as long as the subject’s memory and psychology allow them to. It depends on the individual, the type of hypnosis, and the person’s relationship with their hypnotist that determines how long these changes will remain positive after treatment has ended. Because it takes time for people to change old habits or behaviors they have been practicing since childhood, it may require several sessions before any major transformation occurs in one’s everyday life

Hypnosis is a safe practice that can bring on many health benefits if done properly.

While people have a lot of questions about hypnosis and its safety, the research shows that it is generally a safe practice. As long as you are working with a qualified professional who is well trained in their field, you can be confident that your experience will be both safe and beneficial.

When we hear the term “hypnosis” many of us think of stage shows where people are seemingly mesmerized by some sort of magician or hypnotist. In reality, there are many different ways that this art form can be used for positive results such as helping people quit smoking or even curing them from phobias. The key to understanding how this works is understanding how our mind reacts when we are hypnotized.

When someone enters into a trance state their brain begins producing chemicals like endorphins which help reduce stress levels while also releasing dopamine which gives them feelings of pleasure so they want more! This means if done properly then hypnosis actually makes us feel good rather than bad because everything happens naturally within our bodies without any side effects!


In conclusion, can hypnosis be dangerous? Yes, and no. It’s up to you to decide if your goals are worth the risk of trying hypnosis. It depends on who you ask, what kind of hypnosis you’re talking about, and how much research you’ve done before trying it out for yourself.

Hypnosis is a safe and proven method for exploring the mind and changing your behavior, but there are some things to keep in mind before you decide to try it.

If you’re a healthy adult, you can probably use hypnosis safely. But if you have a history of mental illness or epilepsy, or if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, then it’s best to avoid hypnosis.

Be careful what hypnosis audio files you listen to online. Most of them online are ineffective, or even nefarious in nature. But the high-quality recordings will blow your mind, and take you to the next level.

How can you know if hypnosis is affecting your brain? Well, if you listen to a session and feel like you’re in a trance, then that’s how! However, it’s not that easy for everyone. For some, the effects are subtle. 

Who shouldn’t use hypnosis? If you’re not willing to follow instructions, then maybe it’s not for you. After all, it only works if you follow the instructions 

Can hypnosis make you do things against your will? In almost all situations, no. But it’s technically possible, given the right scenario. 

Can you get stuck in hypnosis? No way! Just because someone tells you that they’re going to send you into a deep sleep doesn’t mean that it has any effect on reality whatsoever. It’s all in your head!


I hope you’ve learned a lot about hypnosis from this article. If you want to find the highest-quality recordings, try out Transform Hypnosis. and If you’re looking for a more therapeutic approach, try Hypnosis Live.

Best Male Hypnotists on SoundCloud

Hypnosis Spiral The Hypnosis Review Eye Logo and Text Best Male Hypnotists on SoundCloud Logo

Best Male Hypnotists on SoundCloud

Soundcloud is a website that allows you to listen to audio tracks for free. Now ain’t that something to appreciate. Everybody loves getting something for nothing. Can you blame people for absolutely gravitating towards platforms like that?

Please remember though, it costs many of these performers money to upload to Soundcloud even though you get to listen for free. So respect their work. Leave them feedback and likes.  

Today we’re going to look at an under-appreciated bunch in the hypnosis community– the men!

Here we go, in no particular order, the best sound hypnosis on SoundCloud are as follows:

Jackson Stock:

You’ll find a ton of variety with Jackson, and you’ll find some of the very highest audio quality out there. He’s your go-to guy for people that are “hard to hypnotize”. You’re pretty much guaranteed to get knocked out. Usually genderless, with some content specifically for men or women. 

Wes – Hypno Master: 

Wes does a very simple style of audio hypnosis that’s easy to get into. Content for both men and women. 

Quiet Hypnotist:

If you like awesome effects, a whisper-sweet voice, and a hint of mind-control BDSM, you’re in the right place. He’s got a German accent, but his English is so clear you may not even notice. 

Sire Dace: 

Sire has an awesome style and great editing/background sounds etc. but the titles and descriptions are lacking in depth. It’s hard to know what you’re getting into. Absolutely worth checking out, though. Most content directed toward women. 


A positively awesome style, with a super hypnotic voice. There’s not a lot of content though, and most of it lacks a descriptive title or extra info. Still valuable to try. 

Dan B – Hypno CB:

Dan B does a variety of gay-male themed hypnosis audio. 

Sofiane – Bearded King: 

More gay male for male content. Selection is very limited, with only 6 tracks available at time of writing. But sounds good! 

Master Logan: 

Interesting high quality voice but only 3 tracks at time of writing. Check it out, though.  

Josh Hypno: 

Erotic gay male inspired content. Gooner loops, Muscle growth, Himbo, Obedience, etc. 

Boxed Out: 

This guy’s got a load of tracks with good variety. There’s a healthy 18 or more hypnosis audio tracks to listen to.  He really makes it into an artform. Looks like there’s some for men and women. 

Lord Mesmer: 

Unique style worth hearing, with pretty generalized themes. 

As you can see, there are a lot of amazing and talented male hypnotists on Soundcloud, so if you’re looking to use hypnosis soundscapes for your work or personal needs then why not check these guys out?

Some of these will be great for background noise while others are powerful enough to hypnotize and edify. And you can also try their free tracks to find out which ones suit your needs best.

The best male hypnotists on SoundCloud are helping listeners fall into a state of deep relaxation. Though this process can take time, it is certainly worth the wait.

If you have been putting off going to therapy for your stress or anxiety, consider listening to one of these tracks before bed every night.

You will feel more optimistic during the day and better equipped to handle your symptoms on your own.

Since there are so many talented hypnotists on Soundcloud, it’s difficult to narrow down a list of favorites, but we’ve done our best.

Hopefully you were able to discover some new great male hypnotists on Soundcloud! Stay tuned for more lists to come!

Of course, you may have your own opinions about what makes someone a great male hypnotist.

If you have something to say about the men on this list, or if you have another favorite male hypnotist or one that we forgot to mention, then let us know.

We have undoubtedly missed many great names, so if you know any more fantastic men on Soundcloud, then please share them in the comments below! And give some of these talented men a listen!

How Does Guided Hypnosis Amplify Your Manifestations?

Silhouette of two people standing in front of white and black striped wall.

Have you ever wondered how guided hypnosis for manifestation works? You may be asking, “How does guided hypnosis work?” Hypnosis is a powerful tool for manifesting your goals, so it’s important to learn about it. This guide will show you the wonderful ways that hypnosis can increase these manifestations.

Psychedelic hypnosis swirl eyeball optical illusion

So, What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a process that works by reprogramming your subconscious mind to automatically attract your desired outcomes. This response is possible through visualization and relaxation.

It is a powerful tool for attracting more success, abundance, love, and happiness into your life. It can help you access the subconscious mind and specific information there. There are multiple ways that guided hypnosis can boost your manifestations. But first, let’s explore what it does to you…

mind power concept withhuman brain and light rays

How Does Hypnosis Affect the Brain? 

The effects of hypnosis on the brain are multi-faceted. It helps you break through negative beliefs and clear a path to progress. It can be SO HARD to do this without going into this deeper state we call hypnosis. This brain-state breaks through your hardened limiting beliefs, so that they no longer stop you from achieving the fantastic manifestations that you want.

The good news is that if you’re reading this, you’re already the type of person on a journey of becoming a manifestation mastermind, and this type of person gets even better results with hypnosis. 

Many people carry a self-defeating mindset, a strong fear, or a troubling attitude, and guided hypnosis can help you overcome those negative beliefs and clear the path to progress. Research has shown that both the right and left hemispheres of the brain are involved in the process of being hypnotized.  The environment and the individual’s personality heavily influence the brain’s response. The hypnotist’s role in this process is largely dependent on the relationship the subject has with the hypnotist.

Throughout history, people have entered into hypnotic-type trances. Many cultures have regarded this form of meditation. The oldest written record of hypnosis dates back to 1027 B.C. In the late eighteenth century, a physician named Franz Mesmer became the father of modern hypnosis. While Mesmer’s work has influenced hypnosis, he is far from the first to use it.

Mid adult man looking at the camera concentrated

Hypnosis And Manifestation

If you’ve ever wished to attract more abundance and success into your life, you’ve probably heard of hypnosis and manifestation. The law of attraction fails for some people because of their limiting beliefs. The first step towards manifestation success is to remove subconscious blocks that impede your success. These can be bad habits or limiting thoughts. It’s one thing to be AWARE of these bad habits (and you already know your bad habits!). It’s another thing to be able to REMOVE these bad habits. Hypnosis could be the BEST tool for breaking through poor habits and limiting thoughts.

Hypnosis is a natural way to create a new positive personality.  You don’t have to try to force it constantly. It just happens naturally and you begin to attract what you want in life. Hypnosis works for weight loss, quitting smoking, getting fit, and manifesting more abundance. These techniques involve using your mind to create the image of what you want. Here are some tips on how to use hypnosis to manifest more of what you want.

First of all, you must have a clear picture of what you want. You cannot manifest what you cannot see, so it is imperative that you have a clear vision of what you want. Hypnosis is a powerful tool in manifesting your goals. When you practice visualization, you can influence your behavior and achieve your desired outcome. Hypnosis helps you see your desired outcome and clear any limiting beliefs that you have about it.

The process usually starts with a hypnotic induction, which is where you enter a trance and become more relaxed and open-minded. The next step, called creative visualization, is where you develop a mental image of the change you wish to create. As a result, the powerful transformation that you have been dreaming about will take place. Hypnosis And manifestation works by using your subconscious mind to focus on the change you want. It is a powerful way to manifest more success, love, and happiness. When you visualize it in this trance state, your manifestation power is twice as powerful!

Manifestation works when you combine visualization with hypnotic suggestions. When you repeat these suggestions enough, your subconscious mind will begin to believe them. Your subconscious mind is about 90% of your mind. The conscious mind makes up about 10%. That is why the subconscious mind plays a major role in the law of attraction. With that in mind, the law of attraction will become your reality! 

You can use hypnosis to manifest during your sleep and it’s an excellent way to increase your energy levels and attract miracles during the day. Before undergoing hypnosis, you should clear your mind and suspend disbelief. If you are experiencing negative energy, you can pray to the Universe to change it or write down your wishes in a manifestation journal. Then, you need to get into a relaxed state and focus on the outcome you want to manifest. To do this, dim the lights and wear comfy clothing.

During a hypnosis session, you will go into a relaxed state where you are more likely to accept suggestions. Once you are in a relaxed state, your subconscious mind will accept them fully. Then, you will use your imagination and focus on the change that you want to bring about in your life. There are many ways to hypnotize yourself, but using an audio recording is the most easily available method. The power of self-hypnosis is enormous. It can transform you into the person you’ve always wanted to be. 

Woman relaxing listening to music

Hypnosis Tracks for Manifestation

These audio tracks reprogram your subconscious mind with automatic thought processes, helping you see your goals and achieve them in less time. They can help you feel relaxed and focused, which is essential for manifestation. 

Hypnosis tracks can also help you clear negative energy in your life. The Law of Attraction states that we attract objects and situations that match our energy. Throughout our lives, we encounter situations and people that lower our vibration, which in turn, impacts our outcomes.

A hypnosis track works by guiding you through a positive state of mind. The hypnotist will remove any negative thoughts, old beliefs, and limiting beliefs, and replace them with new ones that align your emotions with your desires. Often, you will feel more optimistic, grateful, and focused after listening to a hypnosis track.

Listening to hypnosis tracks for manifestation is a proven method of manifesting dreams, and can help you overcome abundance blocks, negative beliefs, and more. You can also download the tracks to your computer or phone and listen to it as often as you want. The great thing about getting a download is that these items never expire, and if the content creator disappears from the internet (as they all do eventually), you will still have the audio track. You can use it over and over again. On platforms like Soundcloud you can save tracks to playlists for later use and favorite it for further listening. 

If you are considering downloading a hypnosis track for manifestation, you should take some time to research reputable tracks and read good reviews to ensure the one you buy is suitable for your needs. Some of the best tracks to download are from Hypnosis Live and Transform Hypnosis. These tracks will help you master the art of manifestation by changing your subconscious mind. It is important to remember that your subconscious mind is very much a reflection of your mindset and how you approach life. 

The first step to mastering the art of manifestation is to remove any skeptical thoughts from your mind. Having a clear mind while you listen to a hypnosis track can help you relax and focus during the day. A positive outlook can help you manifest anything you desire. It can also help you attract miracles during the day.

You will undoubtedly encounter instructions in the hypnosis track. Following these instructions will greatly improve the effects. The hypnotic mind-state makes it easy to follow through on these steps, when otherwise it might be something difficult for you without it. For example, following a bodybuilding lifestyle of great exercise and nutrition is incredibly challenging, but hypnosis can make it an easy lifestyle to follow.

To begin your practice, close your eyes and take several deep belly breaths. Make sure your body is relaxed. By lowering your heart rate and breathing deeply, you can begin to feel more confident and empowered to manifest whatever you want. While undergoing hypnosis, visualize the object or person you want to attract into your life. You must be willing to suspend disbelief to see the positive effects of the hypnosis track.

A hypnosis track for manifestation is an easy way to recondition your subconscious mind. It can help you develop new habits, or anchor a desired goal deep into your subconscious mind. If you are unsure of how to hypnotize yourself, don’t worry. It’s nothing like the Stage Hypnosis shows or what you see on TV. Talk to a real hypnotist to get a better idea of what hypnosis can do for you. There are many ways to hypnotize yourself, and if you have a strong desire to change your life, hypnosis can help you achieve it. 

A Hispanic man gets hypnotized by his therapist.

How To Get The Best Results From A Guided Hypnosis

When it comes to getting the most out of your self-hypnosis sessions, you need to follow some basic guidelines to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. First, you should be comfortable. Find a position that allows you to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and relax your muscles. 

If you want to learn how to hypnotize yourself, you must set an objective that you can achieve through the self-hypnosis process. This goal can be anything, such as better sleep, breaking a habit, or improving self-esteem. You must also be comfortable while doing the self-hypnosis process. Sit in a comfortable chair and keep your feet flat on the floor. Candles and ambient music without words can enhance your experience, but you can add anything that makes you feel more comfortable. Be sure to turn off your cell phone before you begin. You might even want to leave it in another room. 

Hypnosis involves a natural process where your mind “zones out” and retreats into a relaxed state. It is similar to daydreaming, which we’ve all done at one time or another. During hypnosis, the subconscious mind may put aside the daydreaming process to work on the problem at hand. It might be anxiety, a difficult relationship, a problem that you can’t solve through reason alone, or a long-term issue.

A mature woman gets hypnotized by her therapist.

Can you Cure Diseases with Hypnosis?

Although the use of hypnosis is still controversial, the benefits of self-hypnosis are undeniable. Using the self-hypnosis technique can improve overall health and reduce stress, and all that’s just a knock-on effect! Similarly, self-hypnosis can help people with chronic pain, anxiety, or addiction. Self-hypnosis is not a substitute for medical treatment and does not claim to cure any disease. But it could help you form habits that will cure a disease.

For example, many fatal diseases that we succumb to in the modern world are due to our nutrition and exercise habits.. Hypnosis could easily change these habits. In this way, you might call it a cure, but in reality its the tool you used to achieve the cure. You wouldn’t say that a hammer built a house. But it’s definitely a lot faster if you use one. 

Psychedelic hypnosis swirl eyeball optical illusion

How Self-Hypnosis Works 

Hypnosis works by causing the mind to fall into a highly suggestible state, similar to a meditation session. If you’re interested in manifesting your desires, guided self-hypnosis can be a very effective way to do so. It can help you achieve many things, including removing negative patterns and reinforcing positive ones. The benefits of self-hypnosis are plentiful, and there’s decent scientific evidence to back it up.

The Law of Attraction is a powerful tool for manifesting your goals. First, you’ll need to set a specific goal before you begin. This goal can be improved self-esteem, better sleep, or breaking habits. Next, you’ll need to focus your gaze on an object that is simple enough that you can see. Once you’ve established a focus, you can breathe deeply. Try imagining your eyelids becoming heavy and your body relaxing.

Hypnosis can help you overcome blocks that keep you from manifesting your goals and desires. It requires belief in yourself to change the world around you. With guided self-hypnosis, you can embed the Law of Attraction into your subconscious mind.

Young man during self-healing session in therapy room. 

Self-Hypnosis, Step by Step

A good self-hypnosis routine begins with preparing your subconscious mind for your desired outcome. Decide on a goal, such as improving your self-esteem or breaking a habit. Play a track designed for the manifestation process during the self-hypnosis session. If you’re lucky, you might find a good quality track made exactly for your desire. If you can’t find a track for exactly your desire, then any other relaxing track will be sufficient. 

Then, fix your gaze on a simple object and breathe deeply. You may want to imagine your eyelids becoming heavy as you hypnotize yourself. Repeat the process as often as necessary to increase the strength of your belief.

During the hypnosis session, your conscious mind is temporarily deactivated and you are guided by your subconscious mind to reprogram your subconscious to generate new, positive thoughts. Eventually, your subconscious mind will start to generate new habits and behaviors. It may take several sessions, but you’ll eventually be able to achieve whatever goal you set your mind to.

Beautiful young melomaniac. Audio book listening. Self-study courses, sexy female enjoying music in headphones

Beware of Poor-Quality Hypnosis Tracks

Many hypnosis tracks will claim to do incredible things, like making you into a millionaire quickly, altering your body, your attractiveness, and other amazing things. But here’s the thing– most of them don’t work. They do nothing, because their techniques are not well-aligned with the basics of manifesting with the Law Of Attraction!

However, there’s a number of hypnosis creators out there that are making hypnosis audio files that actually work. Here’s a few of our favorites:

If you want to manifest your dreams, it’s time to start using Guided Hypnosis. With the ability to amplify your manifestations tenfold, this powerful tool will help you achieve your goals in a way that feels natural and effortless.

How to make amazing hypnosis videos

The guide to hypnotizing people

Why do it when others have already done it?

So many people tend to think you need some new idea in order to start something. Of course you don’t! There’s no way you’ll be doing it exactly like someone else. You’ll also be bringing in new people that wouldn’t normally be interested in this type of mind-expanding experience.

The hypnosis market is NOT zero-sum. 

That means we do not share a pie of the market. We make the market. Countless numbers of internet users have no idea the benefits that they can get from meditative experiences–the wondrous joy that can be had just by following the voice of someone that cares about you dearly, knowing how to guide you to an even better place. Or the simple experience of going down into a deeper brainwave state, much like what happens during sleep, all while being awake! Just like a waking dream.

You may have hypnotized someone in person before, and seen their reaction afterwards–the pure joy, the lifting of suffering, a jump into bliss. And they had no idea that this was possible! They had no idea how fun, transformative, or how wonderfully sexy it can be. As quick as that, you have introduced them to a new life of possibility.

Each person that creates new and interesting content is adding more new people to the pie. I mean, why would anyone view these videos if there’s not that much available content? The internet thirsts for new content. There is just never enough. You have your own unique style and your own unique ideas that will attract more people, too. Reach out to groups that may not realize they can have these great experiences.

And here’s one more thing that I’ll be honest about. It’s not easy, and most people don’t put in the work. That makes it a seller’s market. I have a lot of respect for the people that do put in the work, because it provides a fountain of abundance for thousands of listeners. You can always improve your own success by helping others find it. That’s why I freely give away links to other great male hypnotists (the closest related channels) on my Youtube homepage.

cartoon character laying down listening to hypnotherapy

How to get started

Before you hit the record button on a camera, start by finding your ‘voice’. You can record audios with whatever device you have laying around, like perhaps a gaming headset or your device’s built-in microphone. If not, you can pick up some decent equipment on any budget.

You’ve already read a couple of books on hypnosis, right? If not, William Hewitt’s classic Hypnosis For Beginners is a great place to start for therapeutic usages, and Mark Wiseman’s Mind Play is the go-to book on erotic usages. Try out a few inductions, and then you’ll get used to making them up as you go along.

William Hewitt's book on getting started with hypnosis
A guide to erotic hypnosis

Make all-positive suggestions.

No matter what you say, make sure the wording is all positive (a topic beyond the scope of this post. You can read about this more in most hypnosis books)

Camera Setup

I’m absolutely in love with the Panasonic Lumix G7 because it’s a great 4k or 1080p/60 camera on the cheap. It performs almost the same as the GH4 or the almighty GH5 for a fraction of the price. Plus it has an awesome wifi function–great if you have no camera operator (and you probably wouldn’t need to read this if you had the budget to a hire a camera operator). Protip: a good camera makes you look even better than you do in real life.

The microphone is most important part though! You can do external recording using a device like Zoom or record onto a computer, but that’s kind of a hassle. Using an external camera mic is much easier. The Rode Videomic Pro is incredible.


Everyone who begins to upload videos online will learn quickly–you can’t just upload a video using some music you found. That’s illegal. You can, however, use royalty free music. You have to pay for the license to use it in your recordings, but the quality can often be incredible. You can also use none at all! Some people prefer to just hear your amazing voice.

Hypnosis Live

video Editing

Decent video editing programs are becoming very hard to find for free, or for a low cost at all. It’s no wonder… Editing and exporting video into dozens of different formats is complex stuff. The fact that anyone takes on the huge task of developing these programs is amazing.

Here’s a few programs available:

Adobe Premiere Pro

Davinci Resolve

Final Cut Pro

Sony Vegas Pro

How to make videos people actually watch

Did I say this was going to be easy? Nope… and no one else will, either. But you can still have an amazing time doing this, while you invite your viewers to join the feel-good party you got going on.

The most important part is a great title. Make sure the viewer knows that they are getting to receive something. If you named your video Hypnosis Relaxation Garden, it may not manifest very many views, because no one really knows what the point of it is going to be. However, if you make Unbreakable Brain Clarity, or Attract a Man With Your Mind, then you are really getting attention and helping people get what they truly want. Use as few words as possible, while still describing what it is.

Choose a thumbnail that attracts attention. You can use GIMP to easily make an image.

Engage with the community to find what people want
Look at forums and social communities. What’s popular? What’s in demand? When I joined, I looked at all the various groups that were made, and which ones had the most members (and which ones might be interesting for me to make content based on those interests). There were tons of fans of brainwashing fantasies, hypno muscle nerds, dress clothing hypnosis, all kinds of other interesting things. If you want to learn what the community wants, browse around the communities and see what people are really looking for.

Going public is hard?

Most people’s greatest fear is public speaking. You’re getting a ton of attention, and that can be translated as danger (to the mind). The primal lizard brain lights up with fear. And it’s totally normal. It’s to be expected.
But here’s the thing: you’re not going to get that much attention. No one is going to care about what you do. The world is so saturated with content, they aren’t going to care so much about what you’re doing and how good you do it.
So maybe you have a human brain with completely normal fears about being seen. Are you going to let that stop you from helping other people and lighting up their life with the new content you make?

Never work because you “should”.

Remove that word from your vocabulary. Only create from a place of harmony. As a hypnotist, guided meditator, or any other mindful entertainer, you can only make your work from a place of emotional alignment.
Many people will work jobs where they have to buck up and put in the action no matter how they feel. But this is not the place for that. Make good stuff from a place of good feelings, or make nothing at all. If you aren’t feeling so great, give yourself time to harmonize before you hit the record button. It may take minutes, days, or weeks. It doesn’t matter. The amount of time you need is the right amount of time.

Setting up your video description

1. Post a link to your website or main center of your content. do this first, because this is the snippet that will appear in search engine queries.
2. Copy-Paste the hypnosis script you used in the YouTube description (if you have a script). You do this for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes. You have already written this script, so get some double-usage out of it. Search engines will better find and index your content. Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckduckGo, etc. will all figure out what your video is really about based on the keywords that are coming up naturally in your script. If you were doing fitness-based hypnosis, the search engine will realize what’s going on when they see words like fat-burn, muscle, hypnotic, fitness, health, etc.
DO NOT spam the description with keywords though. Search engine algorithms know when you are doing this, and they do not like it.

General Tips:

  • In general, don’t use spirals over a video. It can be done right, but it usually isn’t done right, so don’t bother unless you are going for some kind of mind control trope.
  • Over deliver. Promise your audience good stuff and then deliver something ever better. Offer free content that’s better or different than anyone else’s, and then offer paid content that’s even better than that. Your fans will be BLOWN AWAY when they realize how great you can make them feel. That’s what turns them into die-hard fans.
  • When you aim to over-deliver, you’re going to realize that the content isn’t perfect. You need to also accept that it never will be. Keep doing it anyway, because no one really cares if it’s perfect.
  • Use eye contact to your advantage. It’s powerful.
  • Consider ignoring the comment section, especially if you are a female on YouTube.
  • Looks are less important than you think. Most viewers are craving to get their fix with their favorite flavor, and don’t care so much about the physical characteristics of who delivers. Besides, having a unique look tends to attract stronger long-time fans with a penchant for your style. Anything is possible on the internet.

If you have something great to add, feel free to comment below! And don’t be afraid to come here with any questions that you may have.

Videos of people hypnotized (Giant collection)

Woman being hypnotized by a master hypnotist

Why do so many people love this fantasy so much?

Whenever I meet a real hypno-addict, they often say that their first amazing experience with hypnosis was seeing it on a cartoon or TV show. In that moment, a seed was not planted, but it was flowered. They were destined to find their love of hypnosis, no matter where they first saw it. Maybe the fantasy is about being taken control of yourself. Maybe it’s about gently wooing the other person into a deep sleep.

Can you remember the first time you encountered it? How did it feel? Where did you feel it? I would love to hear about it in a comment.

There are plenty of reasons that you may love seeing people being dropped into a mindless stupor, concentrated state, or sweet seductive trance. Maybe you love seeing the pleasure of ultimate relaxation and release that you can give to another human being. There is the incredible intimacy between two or more people when they do it. They may see into their emotions or change them accordingly. Maybe they are helping them with their life, or they are (supposedly) destroying their mind so that they can be used for the hypnotist’s personal gain.

Some people may believe that  there is no way they could ever get one of these beautiful, amazing partners, and the fantasy of hypnosis is about finally getting a way to have control or possession over this incredible human being. Maybe it’s just a power trip. The exchange of power and energy can be intoxicating to watch (or take part in!).

Whatever your reason, you can feel free to enjoy these fantasies in any way you like. Let it inspire you to play around with these roleplays with people in real life, in a safe and consensual way. These videos might give you some amazing ideas about the great things that you could help create in someone else’s life– or they may give you ideas for great new ways to play with your partner. Either way, you could really make someone’s day.

A guide to erotic hypnosis

By the way, if you really are interested in hypnotizing your partner, you should really get started with the book Mind Play

These videos will NOT be around forever .

Please note that a lot of these channels are bound to be taken down at some point (unfortunately), perhaps because of DMCA copyright issues. Many of these video uploaders may not own the rights to the content being posted. The exception being creators that make original content (and good on you for making something yourself!). You can pretty much guarantee that these links will not work forever.

Still, it’s good that some obscure videos are getting out there into the public eye with these collections. Maybe you’ll be inspired to support the original releases by buying those movies or TV Shows. Show them you just love seeing people going under hypnosis. As a bonus, you can find a list of movies, TV shows, and books that feature hypnosis or mind control at the bottom of the page.

We have divided up this list so that you can watch videos of women being hypnotized or men being hypnotized… but many channels feature a mixture of both, so we have a section for that, too.

Females Hypnotized

Entrancement UK

Lex goes at the top of this list because of the quantity, quality, and originality of the content…. Though it’s really easy to laugh (or scoff) at Lex because of that funny old-timey-hypnotist top hat he always wears, but it’s easy to tell he’s a properly awesome guy. The content isn’t about hypnotizing the viewer, actually it’s mostly about hypnotizing women, and making them do fun, filly, or sexy things. He’s made a great channel intro that explains it.

Yes, the girls are totally, completely hypnotized– but if you’re looking for the ‘reality’ experience, this isn’t it. It’s very much like stage hypnosis. Very show-offy and theatrical. Though these girls usually really are under the spell!

Cara Institute of Hypnosis

You’ll find a lot of videos (read: A LOT) of videos on this channel. Many of them feature people being hypnotized!

Serena Erikson

Women being hypnotized/brainwashed

BDSM girl hypnotized


More women being hypnotized

Hypnotized Girls videos

The name says it all. nothing but videos of girls being hypnotized.

Alex Hypnotiseur de spectacle

A French channel featuring girls being hypnotized on the street, on stage, and in private.


About a hundred videos of girls being hypnotized with mind control

A book about hypnotizing someone's mind covertly

Evil Hairdresser

About 25 videos of women being brainwashed


Massive collection of women being mind controlled in some way. Mostly asian.


Mind control and hypnosis in asian pop culture. Mostly women being hypnotized.

Angel Angel

Female body swap and possession

Hypnosis Mistresses


Here you can see some videos of women being hypnotized, and some older recordings of hypnosis audio for the viewer.

How to use hypnosis to bring out the best in your sex life


Males Hypnotized

Male Control

This channel uploads examples in popular media of males being mind controlled or hypnotized. Very interesting and specific, with a really good number of videos.

Also has playlists of other specific examples from other users.

Male Control

This channel uploads examples in popular media of males being mind controlled or hypnotized. Very interesting and specific, with a really good number of videos.

Also has playlists of other specific examples from other users.


A book from a Rogue Hypnotist with secret techniques

Mr dsfhghs

More examples of men being hypnotized

The Male Possession

Tons of videos of men being possessed.

Dip Azlip

Yet even more videos of men being hypnotized


Videos of men being possessed

Magic Channel

Men shapeshifting or possessing.


Muscular men being controlled by hypnosis. I did not realize there was so many channels featuring this specific niche, but here they are!

M2M possession

Male possession, bodyswap, and hypnosis


More Male possession

Wuer Ann

More males being hypnotized


More videos of pop culture men being hypnotized


Videos of men in old cartoons being hypnotized


More videos of men being controlled


Videos of men being chloroformed (is this even allowed on youtube?)

Book: Powerful and fast working hypnosis techniques to hypnotize anyone now!

Any Gender Hypnotized


More pop culture examples of people being hypnotized.

Hypno Finder

Hypnosis from cartoons and old TV shows


Pop culture Random dollification, hypnosis, body swap, especially freezing


Over 30 videos of people being hypnotized

Miku Hypno

Japanese style cartoon hypnosis.

How to hypnotize and have instant and complete control right now

Hypno Scene

Hypnosis references in cartoons


More pop culture examples of hypnosis

Radlen Wotan

HUGE collection of pop culture hypnosis with over 200 videos and counting.


Body swap videos


Few random knockout/hypnosis videos

Master techniques for hypnosis, mind control, manipulation, and more


People being gassed/chloroformed. Again, this is sketchy content in the world of YouTube’s  overbearing and strange video censoring tendencies.


Definitely a channel with a particular flavor. Pretty goofy videos with hypnosis, clowns, pigboys, boots, superheroes, stage hypnosis, and shenanigans. TONS of content.

The AbyssarianOfficial

Succubus, fetish, gothic, magic, satan, spirituality. Weird part of Youtube. not that theres anythign wrong with that. I guess most channels here are the weird part of youtube.

the blvckvdept

Satanic ritual, succubus attraction, demons, magick, gothic

Kiriya F.

More Cartoon hypnosis

David Lion

Mostly street hypnotism

World's leading street hypnotist shows techniques for the office, stage, and street: Sean Michael Andrews, Stephanie Kiefel Patterson, Carmelo M. Blacionere

Sean Michael Andrews is also a very well known authority for many different types of hypnotism, including street hypnosis

Spidey Hypnosis

The good old magician/hypnotist combo (and mentalism, apparently)


Are you ready to travel back to the olden days of YouTube? Well check out these mostly home-made style hypnosis on display videos.


Tons of videos of people being hypnotized in a hypnotherapy setting. They feature a TV series called Hypnotized, where they display the powerful effects of hypnosis on changing people’s lives.

Hypnosis on display



Mind control/hypnosis on TV Shows, movies and video games

In popular media, they often depict hypnosis as a method of powerful mind control. They use it for crime, profit, and personal gain. They may even use it to manipulate someone into killing another person. Some may point out that these are mere stereotypes, but of course they are! They have to be. This is Hollywood and mainstream media. We don’t want it to be boring. It may be a negative stereotype, but it doesn’t really matter. No one believes things they watch in movies. We all know TV magic and the miracle of big-budget editing. We know it’s not all real. So enjoy the show.

That being said, with so much prevalence in pop culture, many people still believe a lot of the stereotypes, especially because they have never seen real hypnotism in action. Many have seen hypnosis shows, which can give some insights, but that also skews the perception of real hypnosis. In fact, I have met people who thought that you might need stopwatch pendulum or eye staring to go into hypnosis. Then of course you find people who don’t believe it is possible at all!

Most of the time, they use their hypnotic eyes to stare into them and capture them. This actually happens in real life, though. If you stare into another person’s eyes (and they do the same back to you), you will actually find yourself naturally going into a state of trance.

Here’s a few examples of popular media where you can see videos of people being hypnotized.

Z Nation

On this show, a man with an immunity to the zombie virus becomes a overbearing dictator after realizing that he can control zombies with his mind. He also injects people with his mind control extraction, turning them into mind-slaves to do his bidding.

The Manchurian Candidate

An American soldier becomes hypnotized to kill people when directed to. He has no memory of the murders and no idea that he is doing it. This may be one of the first examples of hypnosis being used for murder, as the book was written in 1959, with a movie released in 1962, and another one in 2004.

Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism

In this book/movie, a young girl uses hypnosis to become rich and famous, after hypnotizing her caregivers, friends, and even her dog.

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

The main character is a master hypnotist in this German Silent horror movie. It’s a pretty acclaimed film from 1920. Some have deemed it he very first true horror film.  It actually has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is super uncommon. You can watch it in English here.

Vampire Movies

Dracula Movies

may have been the first to introduce the legends of vampires using hypnosis to control their prey or to enslave people to do their bidding.

All vampires in Young Dracula have hypnotic mind control eyes. Vlad’s power is so strong that he can control entire crowds.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Count Dracula has hypnotic occult blue eyes that put people into a trance, and they are even strong enough to put Buffy under control. Drusilla also uses the same hypnotic eye power on other characters.

True Blood

All the vampires in the true blood series can hypnotize people, and it gets more powerful with age.

The Hypnotoad

Featured multiple times on Futurama, where people fall into a trance when they see the Hypnotoad. They even have a TV show called Everybody Loves Hypnotoad, which happens to be the most popular television show of the 31st Century.

All hail the hypnotoad


One of the DVD extras features an entire episode of Everyone Loves Hypnotoad, which is just 22 minutes of the Hypnotoad staring at you with commercial breaks in between.

The Simpsons

In Bart’s New Friend (episode 563, occurring in season 26), Homer is hypnotized by the Master Hypnotist Sven Golly (Svengali) to believe that he is a 10 year old boy. He stays this way until the police find a way to bring the evil hypnotist back to homer and force him to change him back (he hypnotizes Chief Wiggum multiple times as well). Sven Golly has total control over many of the characters in the episode, even manipulating the police to get out of jail.

Svengali on The Simpsons, Master Hypnotist character
Homer being hypnotized to believe he is 10 years old

Homer is also locked down to a chair and brainwashed in episode 531, Season 25. After hearing about  a suspected terrorist rumor, Lisa begins to think that her father has been converted to Islam through brainwashing techniques, and is going to blow up the Springfield Nuclear Plant.

The Simpsons
Homer is having a flashback to a time he was (apparenly) religiously indoctrinated

Kaa tha snake

A main character from The Jungle Book with hypnotic eyes that can put anyone into a trance. He is a giant python snake that likes to gain people’s trust by manipulating them with his soft voice and/or his hypnotic eyes. He has his own subreddit for people who like to share fantasies and artwork around him hypnotizing their favorite characters. Maybe he entranced them to create a subreddit for him.


If you know a channel, TV show, or movie not listed here that shows people being hypnotized, please let me know in the comment section below so it can be added!

You can also see a list of hypnotherapists on YouTube, as well as a list of hypnotists (non-therapy) as well.



30+ Best Hypnotists on YouTube

Eyeball looking directly at you to hypnotize you

Which are you looking for, therapy or recreation?

We have divided up this list into different categories so that the page size isn’t too massive. This page is for non-therapeutic hypnosis (even though these videos and audios may be like therapy for you). This includes recreational, erotic, and/or transformational hypnosis.

If you’re looking specifically for free HYPNOTHERAPY, you can find that list here.

ASMR is not included in this list, even though many ASMR creators (or ASMRtists, as some call them) often make hypnosis videos as well. There are just far too many creators making these videos to catalogue them all here– and even more people watching them! These videos are wildly popular. The phenomenon must feel quite amazing. In fact, if you’re looking for someone to hypnotize you on video, ASMR videos may be the best option. They are much more likely to do videos (instead of just audios) compared to a hypnotist.

If you want to see some videos of people being hypnotized, you can find that here.

Before we go through this giant list, lets go over a few caveats.

YouTube is the easiest way to get free hypnosis

Go back just a decade or so, and you’ll see that YouTube was all about funny skits, cat videos, and vlogs. You can still find that today, but you can also find plenty of music and amateur-created audios, like hypnosis tracks. There’s plenty to choose from, and you’ll find even more amateur recordings than professional ones in the free hypnosis world.

Free audios come with no guarantee of quality

Welcome to the internet– if you want the best stuff, you’ve got to pay for it (just like anywhere else). But if you just want to dip your toes in, there’s plenty of stuff to find for free on YouTube. You can pay these amazing content creators by watching some advertisements in their videos. If you see an advertisement in the middle of a video, it is probably NOT the intention of the creator. That is an issue on YouTube’s part (you get what you pay for, right?)

Please note that many of these videos may be gone by the time you read this, or the entire channels may disappear. This is the nature of the internet. Maybe YouTube demonetized or deleted them, and forcing them to pack up and move elsewhere. In fact, just within the few weeks it took to write this post, multiple channels were deleted before the final version was even posted! We had to take them off the list after just adding them. They tend to delete things seemingly at random. They often leave up videos containing nudity, but remove videos that are not even inherently sexual or inappropriate– Just like when they deleted one of Lex’s (Entrancement UK) videos of a fully clothed girl being consensually tied at a rope-play event

Choose the one for you

There’s so much to choose from today, and please remember that there is generally no one greatest hypnotist–there are only people that work especially well for you. Maybe you love their voice, the way they look, the file types that they make, or anything else. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you find the one(s) that you love. No one else can make the choice but you.

Please support your favorite creators. Give them likes/thumbs up, subscribe, add their videos to playlists, comment, watch their ads, join their Patreons, buy their files. Do whatever you can. All you have to do is interact with their channel or website and it will give them a big boost. Many of these people give up their careers for this, and many erotic creators are forced to give up their jobs and lose opportunities for future careers by doing this. Give them something back for providing for you.

The list has been divided into Male and Female, as many prefer to watch/listen to their preferred gender. Hit one of the links below to jump right to what you’re interested in.

cartoon character laying down listening to hypnotherapy

Male Voiced

On video

First let’s look at creators that are making videos with their face showing, that you can be hypnotized while you look at them. Certainly not as common as just doing audio, but for many people, the extra effort works wonderfully. Visual stimulation can be even more effective than just audio, and getting to look at your hypnotist can give you a sense of closeness.

Nimja Hypnosis

One of the greatest hypnotists on the web, especially in terms of the library of content available (it’s an enormous archive! Awesome).

Nimja is known for his great website too, where you can find all kinds of amazing imagery to go with your trance. It’s kind of a choose-you-own adventure of hypnosis. Not the most beautiful, jazzy website on earth, but that’s because it is made to be super useful. It gets the job done, and that’s it. Web sites in the hypnosis niche are generally not pretty OR functional. It’s one of the cleanest, best-working websites in the entire hypnosis world, with literally hundreds of recordings and visualizations that can be made with a million different tweaks. Almost all of it for free. Hats off to him for that.

He probably has a great website because he is also a programmer. Creative and logical? Could be a winning combo.

Jackson Stock (Transform Hypnosis)

A male hypnotist that primarily does transformations, mind control roleplay videos, and the occasional hypnosis review. He has a slow, deep voice, and sometimes does some therapeutic-styled audios. You can find themes based on inter-planetary overlords, CEO/boss hypno, and mental domination.

TransformHypnosis Twitter

The Mind Nerd

This guy mostly does hypnosis trick videos. He does challenges like “Can I Hypnotize You?”, making your hands glued together, and making your hands move on their own.

Hypnosis Audio

These are mostly just audios with a solid background/photo, a spiral, or other perhaps other imagery.

Ultra Hypnosis

One of the biggest and most popular male hypnotists, with a HUGE library of quality content. They have pretty much everything, so you’ll have to look through the video list and enjoy choosing what you like.

The Transformation Parlor

Animal transformation videos. Great selection. As much as I love seeing a good varied selection, it’s best when someone really aces a subgenre. That makes the people in that niche really happy and fulfilled, which is what it’s all about in the end! These are made by Oren Otter (cute name).

A book from a Rogue Hypnotist with secret techniques

CG Hypnosis

Sissification and feminization.

Wizard Hypnosis

Male voiced hypnos with a heavy theme of brainwashing.

Master Control

Plenty more brainwashing, heavy control themes and submission/domination.

The Great O

Slightly smaller channel with plenty of audios and more to come

Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist

The Dominicator

Male domination, fitness, masculinization. He does things like become more masculine, lift weights, become mindless, have dominant male posture. This is a great one for the Jock Hypno lovers.

Silver Hypnosis

Male voiced hypnosis with a HUGE selection of videos

Hypno Matic

Plenty of very different content, which is always great to see. They have lots of jock hypnosis themed content like weight gain, muscle growth, alpha jock hypno, college jock, sports, muscle slave, and even fattening.

You can also find some animal transformation audios and all kinds of other fun oddities. They also feature some health improvement audios so you can be wholesome and enjoy hypnotic control roleplay.

Hypnosis Live

Female Voiced

There is quite possibly many more female voiced hypnosis on the web. It may be because women tend to be more creative and sensual… but you aren’t that unlikely to also find that in men, so it may be just because the demand is higher. The gender wage gap can be totally reversed in this scenario, because of the popularity of women doing hypnosis online. This is especially in the context of adult content, where women undeniably dominate the industry because of the monstrous-sized viewer base.

On Video

Cara Institute of hypnosis

Featuring a very wide variety of female AND male hypnotists of varying skill levels, doing both therapeutic and mildly sexual videos. You can even find videos of people being hypnotized. They also include some VR (virtual reality) hypnosis, which is a very new and welcome addition. I hope they end up exploring that further, because the experience of hypnosis with VR is going to be incredible when the technology is fully fleshed out.

They have TONS of content that you can chew on. The video library is absolutely gigantic. You might find just about anything you’re looking for. They have therapeutic recordings, erotic stuff, self improvement, etc.

A lot of the videos will feature cheesy stereotypes, but there’s still plenty to enjoy. Maybe you’re even into that!

Haylee Lynn (Hypnotic Haylee)

She features a few great hypnosis videos and a couple of audios. Good skill. Definitely worth checking out.

Get taken away.

cartoon character laying down listening to hypnotherapy

Madame Violet

At time of writing, she has a few videos available on YouTube. She has absolutely excellent induction technique. She has an almost sing-song type voice, and it will drop you very deep.

You can tell that she has exemplary skill, because she does an absolutely incredible job even without fancy recording equipment (in fact her equipment is quite awful), no special effects, and no hypnotic music at all. Just a pure communication from mind to voice, and then from your ear to your brain. That’s a powerful demonstration.

She likes to keep things PG on Youtube (okay, not that PG). She still age-restricts her own YouTube videos, which is a nice gesture to keep under-age YouTube viewers away from anything that can lead to NSFW stuff. However, that means you’ll probably have to log in to view it.

When she uses audio/video effects, she uses them well. None of those cheesy, poorly done spirals and echos. The editing is very good.

She claims to be trained as a clinical hypnotherapist, but you won’t find much therapeutic content. Unless this happens to make you feel so good it cures your ailments.

You can check out this video to see her induction style.

Jade Slave

A couple of different videos for you to see. I love how she dresses up with different interesting outfits for each video. It’s very creative. Every video appears to have the exact same name (Femdom Hypnosis). Might be a terrible marketing strategy, but they are actually different videos.

Female Hypno Spy

Similar to the Cara Institute of hypnosis. There are some full videos, but most of them are previews. Plenty of different female hypnotists (more like actresses) on display. They love to play the old-timey mind control with stopwatch trope (which many people still love!). If you’re not a real old fashioned hypno addict, you might just find these videos hilarious. Check it out if you’re into that sort of thing, though.

Note: many of these videos are just preview demos!

Trance Mistress

A few dozen interesting videos from a female hypnotist. Lots of eye fixation, mixed in with a little bit of mind control themes.

Hypnosis audio

Fiona Clearwater

She publishes her content on the UltraHypnosis channel.


These videos don’t have a lot of spoken word. They are mostly just text on hypnosis images and pictures of women. Maybe the visual types will enjoy this.

Neverside Labs

A project with a fictional female hypnotist, but you can experience real hypnosis with it. They do brainwashing, dominance and submission, etc. It appears to be a work in progress. Feel free to support them if you enjoy it, so that the project can grow.

Arousing Audio

Oh boy. Here we go. Have you ever been to the ‘weird part of YouTube’? Well this is pretty much the epicenter.

If there was a neuro-programming sex cult, this would be the messiah. The final boss of the hypno-internet.

There’s no actual videos of hypnotists here, but there’s plenty of visual action going on here. Plenty of extremely odd visuals and audios going on… Possibly the strangest and most surreal videos on the entire internet. If you were looking for absurd sexuality, mind-melting, and the occult… this is your one-stop-shop. Typically using hundreds of samples from pop culture, pornography, nonsense (seemingly) texts and images, it really makes you question life itself. Question your values, your sexuality, your thoughts and conceptions. It’s a great example of dadaism or surrealism (an artistic movement defined by it’s mockery of materialism, nationalism, and other forms. In this situation they appear to be making a mockery of human sexuality, amongst other things). It ranges from stunningly hilarious to exceptionally erotic. I’m not sure if it’s genius or if it’s crazy, but it’s certainly nothing in between.

Oh yeah, and good luck trying to ask the creator about the real point or intention of the videos. They may reply, but you won’t find any real explanation. Perhaps you are meant to find that conclusion yourself. The mystery is part of the allure.

They may also have a channel on certain non-worksafe websites (I won’t give links to this). Find that if you’re ready to go to an even weirder experience…



Also known as ShibbySays or KinkyShibby.

She is a very sensual and kink-loving hypnotist. She uses a lot of sensations in her work, ranging from mild and relaxing to VERY intense. You’ll find it absolutely amazing if you’re into physical sensations. She offers most of her work for free, but you can also find more of her work on Patreon.

Shibby clearly puts a lot of quality and care into her work, so she is highly recommended.

She is producing a very nice hypnotic audio mixing program known as the Hypno Dungeon, and looking into other voice-over jobs for upcoming games and programs. She has is also voicing the audio-book version of Mark Wiseman’s Mindplay, the one of the most premiere books on erotic hypnosis.

A guide to erotic hypnosis

Jacquelin Powers

You’ll find great selection of interesting audios here. She has a really great cadence and timing in her voice.

The videos are a little short. Like a quick candy treat. You can find body changes like breast growth or hair growth, mind control/slavery, animal transformations, and erotic hypnosis.

Great channel. Love to see the mixture of content.

Samantha Sez

Robotic sounding female voice with spirals, still images of women, or pocketwatch pendulums.

How to use hypnosis to bring out the best in your sex life

The Hypnomistress

There are a number of channels online named something similar, like HypnosisMistresses (a channel that shows mainly women hypnotizing other people) but it’s the content that counts, and it’s all different stuff. This is the channel for Mia Croft and Scarlet Bordeaux. They do erotic and non-erotic hypnosis. Most of the YouTube videos feature a glowing animation of eye(s) looking at you while you go into a trance for them. They have great voices and talent.

“This is a great resource, thank you and well done.
Would you mind updating our listing. The Erotic Hypnosis loving robots at YT managed to delete our Channel. I am steadily putting back all the previous sessions and adding new video every week also.
The other update that would be nice for you to mention is that the HypnoMistress now features a few of my Hypnotic girlfriends and not just Scarlet. This is I think a little unique and different to most sites listed here. Alexandra, Sophia, Scarlet, Katya, Liv Wild and myself Mia Croft are all featured on our Youtube Channel.
Xxx Mia”

Aurelia Alder

There may be pictures of someone in the thumbnail, but these are just audios. Plenty of original themed content that’s well done. They have some recreational stuff and erotic themed items as well.

A book about hypnotizing someone's mind covertly

SSEM Binaural-Sexual Stimulation Erotic Meditation

Another awesome ultra-strange channel where you can find brain-melting stuff! There is just about nothing average going on here. Unfortunately though, it’s mostly just binaural tones. No speech, perhaps no real hypnosis. But definitely hypnotic.

Elisabeth Hequet

French accent female hypnotist. Plenty of weird stuff to get into, much of it in french or english with a heavy accent. A lot of mind control/brainwashing themes, domination, and some feminization.

Princess Kasha

Also known as Kasha Shakti. This channel has lots of videos, but most of them are just samples.

Princess Fae

Very feminine high-pitched female voice. Mind control, slavery, themes like bimbofication, dollification, etc.

BDSM girl hypnotized


Female-voiced, great erotic hypnosis channel with some incredible fantasies. She does more than just a traditional style of hypnosis, which makes things very interesting to listen to– often telling stories, or giving musings on different topics. She also has a podcast that you can listen to, if you want to kick back and keep things more casual. As always, though… it may not be a good idea to listen to a hypnotist while driving (even if it is a podcast), because you may be conditioned to fall asleep to their voice.

Eve’s Garden

Eve is just an angel, you can tell she’s a very kind and caring person. You can find her commonly on the GoneWildAudio subreddit. On this channel, she posts her hypnosis-themed audios. Nothing is sexier than good organization, if you ask me. She self describes it as sex-positive and male-positive, and I would have to agree. You can find plenty of male-degrading domination out there (and many men will most definitely want that), but you wont find that here.

She is quite the skilled voice artist, so don’t miss this one.

Enchantress Esmeralda

A few femdom audios, some are samples, some are full audio

So many great people listed here, maybe you have fallen in love already! I hope you enjoy this list, as it took quite a long time to make. If you know any more great hypnotists that should be on this list, then please let us know in the comments section!

Don’t forget that you can also see the list of hypnotherapists on YouTube and the videos of people being hypnotized.

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12 Hypnotherapists on Youtube

Greatest hypnotherapists for free

Hypnotherapy, hypnosis, or people hypnotized?

This list is far too big for one page, so we have divided it up by category. There are dozens of hypnosis channels on YouTube, but we have picked out some of the best ones and left out some lower-quality ones. There are 3 main categories of hypnosis content online, and you get to pick which one is your fancy.

  1. Hypnotherapy for the viewer (this page)
  2. Hypnosis for the viewer
  3. Videos of other people being hypnotized

YouTube, the most common sharing platform for free hypnosis

Just a few years back, YouTube was just a place to share funny videos of cats or homemade skits. Nowadays, the selection has become so broad that you can find anything your heart desires on YouTube (well almost anything). This page includes some of the best hypnotherapy and similar recordings (like meditations) that you can find for free on the web, with YouTube being the most popular and convenient sharing platform. Most recordings are on self-hosted websites (ie. The hypnotherapist’s website), but you may also find recordings on audio sites like Soundcloud, or maybe on alternative video sites like Vimeo and DTube.

Yeah, there’s a lot to choose from, but if you’re a real hypno-addict that won’t be a problem. It can be hard to choose, so just pick one with your intuition and dive in. Bookmark this page and come back when you want to try a different hypnotherapist. We are all unique people, so different hypnotists work better for certain people. You might end up finding a favorite that is just right for you–and it’s an amazing feeling when you find them!

BDSM girl hypnotized

Free recordings are great, but….

Let’s be honest, if you want the best recordings, you will have to pay for them. Even though the internet is full of TONS of free stuff, they just do not give away the best stuff like that. Those people are certified hypnotherapists with many hours of seminars, training, and studies. But many people are not willing to break out their wallet just yet for that extra quality (or extra choice), and that is understandable. YouTube can provide you with the next best thing, and you only have to pay by watching an advertisement or two. You’ll find most of the basics like stress management and sleep–and there’s no shortage of these, usually presented as meditations instead of hypnosis. You won’t find free hypnosis for every obscure problem you need solved, like if you have a fear of cucumbers, dolphins, or cellphones. In fact, most of these free audios and videos don’t even have any spoken words, so they can only be used for general experiences.

If you have more specific needs, check out the hypnosis sites page to find the latest and greatest hypnotherapy audios.

Hypnotherapy videos, or any other kind of audio/video for self improvement, do not have to necessarily follow the typical hypnosis method of induction, deepener, and suggestion. Many of these videos are meditations, affirmations, or subliminals. They all work on similar concepts.

cartoon character laying down listening to hypnotherapy

Our no-guarantee of quality

Please note that we do not know for sure which of these hypnotherapists are certified, and the validity/usefulness of their training and certification. Anyone can upload audios and videos to YouTube, regardless of what they know. We do not represent the values and ideas of any of these hypnotherapists. Because of these circumstances, you take on your own risk when using these audios to deal with any conditions that may you have.

YouTube, and many other sharing platforms, will also compress the audio/video, resulting in lower quality sound.

Due to the nature of the internet, some of these videos/channels are bound to go missing, or may be unavailable in your country.

NOTE: Most of these videos will contain an advertisement in the beginning, and sometimes you may be interrupted by an ad right in the middle of a video. This is generally NOT THE INTENTION of the creators, but YouTube sometimes does this (likely as a mistake). Also please remember that these creators put a lot of time, money, and concentration into making these recordings for you, and they need things like advertisements to be paid. It is a great privilege to hear these recordings for free, and to get the absolute best experience, you will have to buy some recordings yourself.

A book about hypnotizing someone's mind covertly

Hypnotherapists on Video

Here’s something you don’t see very often in hypnotherapy videos– videos of them hypnotizing the viewer (you!). It’s great for visual people. Sometimes it’s nice to look into their eyes, see them looking into you, and get lost in their gaze. Many people respond incredibly well to this. There are a few of these videos online if you look hard enough– it can be incredibly hard to make these videos. After all, you can’t read a script while recording. This type of video is common when you go into the realm of recreational or erotic hypnosis, and is actually super common in the ASMR space. It’s hard to find for hypnotherapy, though. Lucky for you, we have compiled a few of them here 🙂

Now onto the creators…

Hypnosis Live

Journey with Jayni Hypnotherapy

Jayni is super real and genuine. She get’s you to connect to her and everything becomes very silent. No background audio needed, just noticing the silence of life.

You can tell she cares very much about her viewer and wants to help them. It’s very intimate, but that doesn’t mean sexual. Just think: into-me-see. That’s what intimacy is. It’s about looking into another person and understanding how they feel. She feels very close to you as you watch her. It’s quite the experience.

She needs no background track to get the hypnotic effect. Just the sound of her voice. It can be very telling of a hypnotist’s abiity when they take you to an amazing place with just their voice. She is definitely an under-exposed artist that you may not have seen before!


Alicia Fairclough

Well mannered, fun, English accent female hypnotherapist. Check out her fidget spinner induction if you’re looking for something silly and fun.

Hats off for doing hypnotherapy recordings in this format. She has a very inviting and friendly personality that will help your mind totally relax with her. She touches on plenty of different topics, so check out her video list. She does explanations of hypnosis, she will do some fun hypnosis tricks on you for demonstration, and she can even help you with your relationships (and getting over them).

How to use hypnosis to bring out the best in your sex life


Open Door Hypnosis

Goddess worship hypnosis, healing, and other things, all on video. This is a smaller channel that you can show some love, especially or being so unique!


Hypnotherapy (audio only)

These kind of recordings are much more common. Most of the ones you find online will have no words in them, but we have kept this list spoken-word audios only, unless the music/binaural recordings are really good.

Michael Sealey

Bless his heart, if Michael Sealey doesn’t warm you up your heart, I’m not sure what will. These are long, deep recordings that focus on a lot of the basics. If you’re just getting started, jumping in right here wouldn’t be a bad idea! It’s very clear that Sealey is a strong, caring person with a first and foremost intention to help you with your life. He tends to call these recordings ‘guided meditations’, and that may be for legal reasons. It’s definitely hypnosis though, as meditation and hypnosis are not always that different!

Feel free to try out his inner child recording. It’s a great one. If you’ve never connected with your inner child, you might be surprised to realize just how much it will actually mature you! This child-like part of you helps you to become more fun, open, and even more successful. Many people think that becoming child-like will make them more childish. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! When you connect with this youthful part of you, it will actually prevent those difficult feelings that you run into. When you have emotional suffering, it can be this so-called inner child crying out for help. If you don’t give them the attention they need, they will continue pushing your emotions until you are forced to confront them. But don’t worry, all you have to do is relax and give your body and emotions a little presence and understanding. Sometimes people call this ‘shadow work’, which sounds a little scary, but it can be quite nice.

Ever noticed how you act differently around different people or places? It’s because you are not just one personality or psyche. You are made of many intricate parts, and letting out this young part of you will make you just that– even younger! You get to be more vibrant and free, while still maintaining your adult knowledge and wisdom. This is the kind of life that you always dreamed of! Michael Sealey gets it.


Steve G. Jones

Normally he offers a lot of paid recordings, but you can find a number of nice recordings on this YouTube channel. Steve is a very popular and accomplished hypnotherapist, and very little of his work is available for free, so feel free to enjoy this work that he has online here. He wont put his best stuff on YouTube though. He is infamous for his other recordings like Full Mental Power, a recording designed to unlock the hidden potential of the mind.

The audio recordings are very long and drawn out. Great if you’re into really deep trance. It’s quite slow, though. Make sure you’ve got at least a full hour to spare.

Some may say that Steve G. Jones is all just marketing, but he is actually quite good, with an incredibly hypnotic voice. In the end, it’s up to you to decide that. His videos are an opportunity to test it out and see if they are a good match for you.

A book from a Rogue Hypnotist with secret techniques


PowerThoughts Meditation club

Pretty radical meditation/ self hypnosis videos with great voice and visuals. Very much into the natural/spiritual/shamanic vibe.

You’ll find healing meditations, shamanic, mantras, frequencies, vibrations, and energies.

Truly some very welcomed transcendental stuff.



Another rad meditation channel. Similar vibe to PowerThoughts. They do a lot of vibratory tones and similar music. There’s not much voice recordings going on, but the soundscapes are just so good that they’re on the list anyway.

These tones will take you to an amazing place. Many videos are hours long, which means you can just flick it on and enjoy in the background while you sleep or hang out. It really raises the vibration of the room, and you can really feel it!



Kim Carmen Walsh

Super deep relaxation videos, helps with typical hypnotherapy things (weight loss, sleep, etc.) With a heavy focus on sleep, especially going to sleep after the session. She has super irresistible voice that will take you deep  every time.

She covers some basics like weight loss hypnosis, sleep, and healing… but she also covers some spiritual stuff like out-of-body-experiences (OOBE) with hypnosis. chakras, and manifesting various things like

Book: Powerful and fast working hypnosis techniques to hypnotize anyone now!


Joe Treacy Hypnotic Labs

An ultra-solid channel with pretty spiritual stuff. Like out of body, astral projection, past life, intuition, angels, mind mastery, third eye activation, spirit guides, higher selves, chakra healing, you name it! Subscribe to this one if you’re into the spirit side of things, because it sounds great, with awesome transcendental background tracks and an incredibly smooth voice.

Props for including background video. Some people like to look into the video and see something relaxing as they watch. These videos are really well done, with great background music. You can’t go wrong with it.


Unlock Your Life (Sarah Dresser)

Tons of different and interesting content, super chill and real attitude.

She has divided her videos into playlists, like Think Yourself Slim, Food Addiction Hypnosis, Positive Affirmations, and Spiritual affirmations. More people need to divide their videos into playlists because this helps users a lot!

Master techniques for hypnosis, mind control, manipulation, and more

Meditations with Rasa Lukosiute

Great meditations and hypnosis with some interesting flavors that are not found elsewhere. You can find DNA activation, hypnosis to conceive a child, age reversal, and even connecting to passed loved ones. It’s great to see someone doing things that are a little different.

You won’t be able to pronounce her name, but her voice is still clear and defined, and she makes great recordings with a very positive attitude!


You Are Creators

Not really a hypnotherapy center, but it’s an amazing forward thinking, leading-edge channel. Search through their video list to find some real gems. The owner of this channel is very genuine, loves the law of attraction, and is also the creator of the Affirmation Reminder App (A very simple app that I recommend).

They feature meditations, talks, motivation, and spiritual wealth/success/prosperity guides. There are just so many gold nuggets in there!

World's leading street hypnotist shows techniques for the office, stage, and street: Sean Michael Andrews, Stephanie Kiefel Patterson, Carmelo M. Blacionere


Is there someone that we missed? If you know of a YouTube channel (or any other website) that makes great hypnotherapy recordings, please leave a comment below!


Hypnosis Live review- Best Hypno for logical people?

Hypnosis Live

Hypnosis Live

Prices: $7-$18 per recording, depending on the bundle that you get

Best Features: Incredibly well-priced bundles, daily deals, audio samples, conversational-style hypnosis

Worst Features: Audio quality isn’t the best, some may not like the indirect style of hypnosis

Best Niche: Wealth, huge success, sexual and dating improvements

Selection: Sufficiently huge. One of the largest selections on the web.

Quality: Fantastic, as long as you like the conversational hypnosis style.

Email Subscription:  Yes, they may send a moderate amount of emails, but they are very useful.

Deals: Plenty of them (see below)

Average Runtime: 32 mins

Best for: Visual learners, logical types, thinkers

Also check out The Hypnosis Bootcamp from the same hypnotist (Julie-Anne Amos)


Website and Features

In terms of technical prowess, Hypnosis Live may be the most professional hypnosis site on the web, hands down. You’ll be stunned at how nice this website looks, and more importantly, how perfectly it works (there’s nothing worse than buggy technology).

Great websites are really uncommon in the hypnosis business, so this is somewhat of a Godsend (shady-looking websites happen to be the norm in the hypnosis biz). Everything looks good here though! When you sign up for their email letters, it even gives you help based on what email provider you have. That is TOP quality. They also display all of their security certificates, so you know that your info is safe when you sign up for them. The buying process is fast, easy, and they have a policy that is actually readable (not written by some stuck up lawyer who would rather just confuse you).

great website for huge success using the mind
HypnosisLive website looking and working great!

Best feature: Combo packs

The bundles are really well organized and are specifically formed around a certain persona, like the Multi-millionaire Wealth pack, or the Look Great Hypnosis pack– one that, for example, features recordings for slimming down, exercising, and a facelift all in one.

Most people don’t realize this particular problem with using multiple hypnosis tracks… you generally cannot achieve all of the effects at once! They may cancel out and give you very little, because it is just confusing the brain. But with these hypnosis packs, they all surround a particular persona that you can happily change into, making it more effective instead of less!

Just looking at the list of hypnosis packs, it gives you exciting new ideas on what you could create for yourself. Isn’t it nice to know that you can be, do, or have anything in this world? I think so.

You get 4-5 recordings for the price of two, which is really good.

Audio Quality

The audio quality is pretty good, but not amazing. There is a little reverb (echo) going on. If you’re an audiophile with a set of good headphones, this might bother you. But it’s not a big deal for most. The background music levels are quite low, so the recordings are mostly voice, well spoken and clear. If you love background binaurals, the lack of background might be a buzzkill. They also use high-quality 192 kbs bitrate so it’s very clear.

cartoon character laying down listening to hypnotherapy

Does it really work?

I tried it out

Well that’s the whole point, after all. As wonderful as it is to just bliss out in trance all day, you’re probably looking for some results, too!

To test it out, I tried their A New You With Hypnosis bundle for $32, and they threw in a fifth recording for just 3 more dollars, so of course I took the deal too. That means I got 5 tracks for just $7 each! Pretty incredible for a hypnosis site.

The great thing about the packs is that one of them might not resonate with you as much as the other ones. you can just delete that one and listen to the other 3! with these choices, you can really sculpt the creation of yourself.

They use a long intro, which can be a little annoying (I think we are all well aware of what ‘hypnosis’ supposedly is, and the safety behind it, so get to the point, please), but you can just skip ahead five minutes to the actual session.

After a few listens, I was a little put-off by the style of hypnosis used. I found myself wondering if the hypnosis was really working. Was I really becoming different in any way?

A concealed effect?

It didn’t feel like I was improving… but our own perceptions can be deceiving. It didn’t seem to be making me any more fearless like it was supposed to. It was making me feel the same fear level, but then I realized it’s because I began challenging myself to the next level! It never really put me in the comfort zone because it made me much more willing to step even further OUT of that comfort zone.

I found myself casually going to social meetups, interacting with groups of strangers as if we were already good friends. It was incredible! Something I was always interested in mastering. I didn’t even realize I was doing it, because the style of hypnosis used was so natural. Days later, I looked back and noticed that I normally would not be so effective in those situations.

I also found my productivity steadily (slowly, but surely) increasing as I listened over the period of a month.

Of course, this is all just my own experience, and your own mileage may vary. You will, of course, need to put in your own work– listen every day for a month, for example, and explore other activities that help grow you. And truly believe in what you can do!

It’s definitely a form of hypnosis that works… even though it may not FEEL like it is working, unlike many types of hypnosis that you can feel instantly. The effect is very intriguing, mysterious, and hidden. In this way, the logical mind doesn’t get a chance to argue with it.

Let’s be clear about this: changing one’s behavior and confidence is NO EASY TASK by any definition. We have lived with this set of fears, thoughts, and ideas our entire lives, and sadly, most people never escape the prison of these unconscious habits. Luckily, with hypnosis (and probably a lot of it), YOU CAN CHANGE these hardened blocks in your life.

Deals and Bonuses

-Look for a 10% off code when you sign up. You might find the code in the top banner.

-Get one of the bundles. The value is great, and you may not find quality recordings at that price anywhere on the internet.

-Make sure you get on their email list, as they will sometimes send out coupons of 25% off or more.

-Will often offer an extra related recording for a super cheap price when you are ready to place your order.

-You can get one free audio here 


14 day NO QUESTIONS ASKED return policy. (Hypnosis Bootcamp also by J.A. Amos, has a gigantic 12 month guarantee though- now that’s confidence in your program).


Hypnosis Live is a great site, with a fantastic hypnotherapist behind it. The conversational style is pretty brainy, requiring a lot of deep thought to make it work– but this will conquer any resistance that you my be holding. It’s a really great easy-listening experience. You need no effort to push your mind into some deep far-away land. If you respond exceptionally well to direct and focused suggestions (maybe you are easily suggestible in that way), then there may be better options available instead. Check the Best Hypnosis Page to find someone else.

Go here to check out the site


Best computer and mic to make hypnosis, ASMR, podcasts and more

Dual monitor setup with a blue yeti microphone

Good creators with bad hardware are simply ignored

Don’t let that be you! It doesn’t matter how great your content is — you could have a mesmerizing voice, a great idea, execution, and even the cojones to post it up online… but if your equipment sucks, your content sucks. And the amateur audio community has heard far too much of this. There’s nothing worse than having someone serenade you with a recording of their voice, only to hear some grainy background noise, recording blips, and pops.

Luckily, you do not need a professional studio to make acceptable audio tracks. Top-quality tracks require a studio, but for most people, a home-recording situation is fine.

A child shouting at a studio microphone
The best equipment in the world won’t make this sound any better though.

It can be a daunting task to begin your journey, but that’s what this guide is for. Once you figure it out, you can forget about it and get to the critical inch– your art. Get right to the part where you are making recordings so good, that people feel pleasured and inspired when they hear it.

What if I’m recording just for me?

You might plan to record your University notes to listen to later. Or you just want to record hypnosis for yourself (you can use these scripts if you aren’t comfortable writing your own), or record your own affirmations. If it’s just for you, then just record your audio with a headset mic.

Making you sound better than you do in real life

Good hardware can make you sound that much better. Many people claim that their recording setup makes them sound even better than they do in person.

Wow, I sound awful! That’s perfect for me.

A great setup can create a deep, full bodied voice for men, especially when you use a nice dynamic microphone for the ‘broadcaster’ sound. For women, they open up those silky highs, plus a sensual Miley-Cyrus-growl in the lower end. The upgrade might be worth it, whether you’re in love with your voice, or you think your voice is the one that could use an upgrade.

Check out this 20-second example of a cheap headset microphone:

Compare it to a little more of a professional setup (you might need headphones to really see the difference):

 Making the greatest stuff with any type of audience

Always create your best work, whether you’re making hypnosis tracks, guided meditations, YouTube voiceovers, podcasts, or content for your favorite subreddit (GWA, anyone? PillowTalkAudio?). Use good equipment, then let your unique personality shine through. People really notice when you’re going ham on it. That’s when you get the fans.

Shia Labeouf in a theater applauding
Go hard until he does this


Desktops for audio recording/editing

Dual monitor setup with a blue yeti microphone
The Master Race

Building a PC is actually quite easy (you should never buy a prebuilt PC) and there are always communities like r/buildapc if you need any help at all. An audio editing PC should be custom built so that you have the best parts for making audio. Focus on speed and silence when you build or upgrade your computer for audio creation. You might enjoy other features too, like high quality onboard sound. Then you can hear how terrible great it sounds.

When should you choose a desktop as an audio creator?

  • You want to pay less and get more power.
  • You don’t mind the size/lack of mobility.
  • You also make videos.
  • You like having a ton of ports to jam it in.
  • You enjoy occasional breaks from work so you can play games like the filthy casual that you are.

Good components for audio creation

Processor– Most modern processors (CPUs) will work fine for audio recording, but audio editing is primarily single threaded, meaning that clock speed will be the most important factor for fast editing. Get a relatively new CPU too, because 7 year old parts wont do you much good, even if the clock speed is high.
A good value choice is the Core i3-7100 at 3.9 Ghz or G4400 at 3.3 Ghz if you want to save some money.

CPU cooler– One of the loudest components in a system. Stock fans tend to be quite loud. The cheapest, most silent option is the Pure Rock cooler from Be Quiet.

Motherboard– The choice of motherboard will generally not affect audio recording, so choose whatever one you like (Though it may be a good idea to choose one with good audio, like the Z370A)

RAM– Despite what a sales rep might tell you, you rarely need a lot of RAM, especially for making audio (splurge if you are a video editor or gamer, though). Save money and just get a 4 or 8 Gb stick of RAM if you’re just making audio. You can always upgrade later.

Power Supply– Most PSUs from a decent brand will be pretty silent, but the best ones come from Be Quiet. You will not need a very high wattage unless you want a GPU for gaming/video editing.

Graphics Card– You generally do not need a dedicated graphics card for making audio recordings. But if you need one, then choose a card that has a silent cooler, like the MSI Twin Frozr design or Asus Strix

Storage– SSDs are best because of their silent operation, but large storage capacities will be expensive. If you need an extra hard drive, go with a 2.5 inch drive. These hard drives are smaller and make less noise (these are the same ones used in laptops). You’ll sacrifice a little speed, but silence is more important  here. Don’t forget to back up your data every month!

Case– Choose a case with silent fans like Bequiet or Fractal Design, or you can get any case and replace the fan(s) with one from Noctua or the bequiet Silent Wings 3. Be Quiet also makes great Cases, but they are very large and expensive.

If you want to see full builds at any budget, check out Logical Increments. It’s an amazing website that will show you exactly what kind of parts you should be getting, based on your budget.

Always get the latest generation!

Hardware comes in generations, usually a new one every year or two. So whether you are buying an Intel or AMD platform (or other), it’s generally best to buy the newest generation.
Why? This guarantees the best battery life/power efficiency, longevity, up-to-date ports, upgradeability, speed, and general compatibility with future stuff. Don’t let the seller fool you. You can find out if it’s the latest stuff by looking up the CPU number and checking the release date. Make sure it’s within the past year or two. A lot of retailers would love to send you out the door with a computer built on an old platform that looks similar to today’s tech but doesn’t work as well– mostly so they can get rid of some old stock.
If you know a lot about computers, buying some older parts will be fine. But if you’re not a tech know-it-all, play it safe and get the latest platform. The lower end of today’s computers is often still better than the high end of yesterday.

Recording audio on a laptop

Computer that can record the best audio possible for hypnosis, asmr, or podcasts

The same basic concepts apply for laptops. You do not need a powerful computer to record this kind of audio or edit it at a decent speed (unless you are making music or videos), but you will want a laptop that is silent. Many new laptops will not make any sound unless they are under a high load. Check the reviews.
A lot of laptops today have no fan at all (but they generally have weaker CPUs). Many 2-in-1’s are like this. Look for laptops with a core m3 processor, because they are passively cooled. Choose one of these if you don’t need that much power.

Silencing a laptop:

Go to power settings, find advanced settings (will be slightly different depending on your operating system, look for a window called ‘power options’. You can search with your computer’s search bar).
Set your maximum processor state as low as you can, without making your computer too slow. This setting WILL SLOW DOWN YOUR COMPUTER, but your fans will be much less likely to ramp up. Turn the settings back up after you are done recording if you need the extra speed. Also set the cooling to passive instead of active (this will encourage the fans to slow down and produce less noise). Remember– this may make your computer run hotter than normal.

Also, you only need to do this if you have a particularly loud fan!

How to reduce fan noise in a laptop


Recording on a mac

You get what you pay for

You pay more, you get more. Great computers for a terrible price. Most macs should be fine for this kind of audio recording. Apple does not like fans, and certainly does not like noise (even if the noise reduction comes at the cost of performance). Plus, they love including support for creative-user programs. Programs like audacity work on any platform, plus you’ll find a whole suite of other audio programs on mac, too. The macbooks have decent speed, run quiet, and are made with creators in mind. Check your microphone hardware for compatibility before you buy it (some USB interfaces will not have proper drivers with mac, for example. Check reviews). For your audio interface, you might also need a USB type-B to type-C cable if your mac has no regular USB ports (also known as type-A. It can be confusing, I know).

The track pads, keyboards, and speakers are also pretty much heavenly on macs.

Computer accessories for audio recording

Silent mouse

Get a mouse that doesn’t make any noise while you are recording. You may have to use the computer at the same time. It can really kill the vibe and ruin the illusion if your mouse clicks can be heard in your recording. There are not many products out there, but there is this mouse, which is almost entirely silent. The tracking on the mouse isn’t very good, but it does what it’s supposed to do.

Shhmouse, a black colored mouse that is completely silent.
And your wife wont be so mad about the incessant clicking while you surf the WORLD WIDE WEB for ‘work stuff’ at 2AM

Silent keyboard

Depending on the type of audios you make, you might be using the keyboard at the same time that you record. Hearing those clicks can be very annoying. Note that silent mechanical keyboards may not be totally silent, even if they are superior to regular keyboards in terms of typing experience.

You can find more info on silent computers at the Silent Pc Review Forum

Recording on phone or tablet

Using your phone to make audio recordings is not the most optimum, but some of us don’t really have any other choice, so here’s a few tips:
-Research apps that work with external mics and check if the mic works with your phone at all. Look it up before you buy it!
-It’s best to use a microphone with a battery. Then the mic doesn’t have to draw power from your phone, which will cause static, making you harder to hear.
-Get a cardioid pattern microphone if you are just recording yourself. This will reduce the background audio that is so common with mobile recording.
-Experiment with the noise reduction if your recording app has it (It is usually best to just leave it off).
-The best part about recording on your phone is the mobility. Try recording in the closet — the clothing in your closet will absorb any reverb, plus the closet will protect from outside noise.
-Watch your recording loudness levels. If it goes into the red, you MUST move farther from the mic. Maxing out your microphone will make your recording very irritating to listen to.
-If you’re using Apple, you’re in luck. It’s much easier to find apps that work with an external mic compared to Android. Don’t give up hope with Android though, as you can still find some apps that may work.

Recording Equipment Tiers

Computers may change every single year, but microphones tend to stay the same, for the most part. The same tried-and-true microphone that Michael Jackson used to record Thriller is still commonly used today.

Potato Setup (pauper level)

poor russian guy smoking a stogie cigar in a rundown old house
CS:GO, Comrade?
  • 1 Decent quality USB headset (That’s it. That’s all you need)

The absolute cheapest way to get started is to use a headset to record your audio. Here’s a great guide on quality headset mics you can get.

It wont sound the greatest, but it’s fine if you just want to get your feet wet. In fact, I made hundreds of dollars just doing custom recordings with a Turtle Beach gaming headset. But after that, it’s definitely time to upgrade.

Beginner Mic Setup

ATR2100 microphone on a stand with a pop filter
Instant Classic.

A simple USB or XLR mic will sound much better than a headset, without breaking the bank. The ATR2100 is the gold standard of value microphones. Even guys like Tim Ferris (author of The 4-Hour Workweek) still used this microphone years after becoming wildly successful.  Use this microphone if you have a lot of background noise. It does an excellent job of ignoring everything that isn’t 2-4 inches away. The only drawback is that you will need to speak loud and clear, because this microphone does not have very good gain (loudness level).

Advanced Mic Setup

  • Dynamic or Condenser XLR microphone (your choice, see below)
  • USB Audio Interface
  • Mic stand
  • Pop filter

Dynamic mics vs condenser mics – I wont go into too much detail, as there is plenty of good info from professionals elsewhere. Here’s the gist of it. A dynamic mic usually picks up sound from subjects that are closest (best for areas that are a little more noisy) , and condenser mics take in sounds from all around the room (best for areas that are very quiet).

The most common high-end dynamic mics are the Shure SM7B (as seen on the Joe Rogan podcast and other top podcasts), and the Rode Procaster if you want to spend less (I swear by this microphone, as it sounds nearly as good as the SM7B, but costs almost half)

Note for dynamic mic users: You ever notice how it always has that little “hum” in the background, even if you are in a completely silent place? That’s the 60 Hz vibration being picked up by your mic. All dynamic mics do this, and it’s usually caused by the vibration of electricity connecting to your house and flowing through it. You can remove background sound using a noise removal tool in your audio editing program (like audacity).

For high-end condenser mics, the variants of the Blue Yeti and Blue Yeti Pro are extremely popular for all usages. On the cheaper end, the AT-2020 is the go-to microphone.

USB Interface – Any really decent audio setup will feature a USB interface, which turns an analog signal into a digital one, then drives that right into your computer. The Focusrite Scarlett Solo is the best value option if you have just one mic (or instrument, for that matter).

Preamps – You can use these to increase the loudness levels of your recordings, and it can increase the clarity as well. I like to use a simple Fethead for this because of it’s tiny size, but many people also love the Cloudlifter, which is often used to boost the SM7B.

Microphones for ASMRtists

When we’re talking audio quality, things get a little hazy in relation to ASMR. This is where the science becomes an art — because sometimes a lesser quality mic is preferred. Yes, it’s strange, but some people are awed by the hiss of an awful microphone setup (and everyone has slightly different triggers, it seems). The point is to experiment. You really need to get your hands dirty, so to speak. Find your own unique style, and the equipment that works best for that in particular. Make friends with your hardware. Find out how close it will pick up your breathing. Find the quirks and imperfections, then make use of it.

Dual mic setup for left and right stereo – If your USB interface has 2 XLR inputs, you can actually plug in two mics and make each one record for a different side. This is really great for all those ASMRtists that like to really give the listener a sense of presence by varying which ear they speak to. The effect is also great for hypnosis, and can really takes the listener on a wild trip.

This is a much cheaper way to get this effect without those ear shaped double microphones that cost nearly $1000 (like the 3dio)

For making Music

Creating music is much more hardware-intensive than simple voice recordings (adding a background track doesn’t count, because that doesn’t need much power to do). If you’re making music, you’ll need to considerably bump up your hardware specs. Your DAW will have strong computing requirements and it’s crucial that there is enough power, especially if it’s crunching sound effects and reverbs (as it would need to calculate a room, and how the audio bounces around in that room). You will need a recent quad-core or better CPU and 16 Gb of RAM, along with any other additions needed for your type of music (but this is far beyond the scope of this post and you’ll need to search elsewhere).

Check out this free guide on vocal quality

Christopher Lloyd Clarke is well known in the royalty-free audio and hypnosis community. He has made a completely free guide on the common mistakes made with audio recording (bless his golden heart). He talks about ways to make your voice sound just right, background levels, pops, blips, and the solution to every common problem you’ll run into. It’s fantastic and you can find his sound quality guide here

Also watch this video on setting up audio. It’s about game streaming, but most of it still applies for recording anything else professionally.

Is hypnosis pseudoscience?

Psychedelic eyes hypnotizing you with fractals, super trippy

Since when is pseudoscience a four-letter word?

The entire world doesn’t have to be science. Even artwork changes people’s lives. That’s not evidence-based, but it does work.

Pseudoscience is not necessarily bad science

Just as a square can be a rectangle, but a rectangle not a square… bad science can be pseudoscience, but pseudoscience doesn’t have to be bad science.

When scientists are forced to publish something new and exciting instead of double-checking old theories… that’s bad science. And it happens a lot. That’s why those exuberant media headlines you read are rarely true.

When people pay off scientists to skew studies… that’s bad science (remember when the giant sugar companies paid off the American Heart Association to claim that sugar is better for you than fat is?). Television shows in the 90’s like Seinfeld showed people eating low-fat yogurt, thinking that it was healthy. Manufacturers began cramming sugar into food and skimming every morsel of lipids (fats) out of the food so we would buy it. And buy it we did. We bought it because of bad science, or at least because of some perversion of good science.

Chemical diagrams, floating DNA helix, the connection of science and spirit with metaphysics
Science often comes to a big roadblock when you throw feelings and emotions into the mix

Bad usage of good science

At the laymen’s level, science is not always a shining light. With good science, the studies are done. They are peer reviewed and accurate. And then someone abuses them (the media and the marketers).

When doctors get most of their latest info from pharmaceutical marketers… that’s bad usage of science.

When reporters talk about good scientific studies without actually reading them, they will always exaggerate them or draw conclusions that the scientists never claimed… that’s bad usage of good science.

You’ve heard it before: Scientists find new method of curing male pattern baldness! (They’ve been saying that for 20 years) Scientists discover new dinosaur! (Turns out they only found 4 bones).

Not to mention the constant claims of marijuana curing cancer, despite many other herbs and treatments being more effective in the lab and in real life (your stoner friends love that one).

weed flag with rasta colors and marijuana leaf
This may look pretty, but it isn’t your miracle cure.

Another example

When scientists first found a new drug that increases blood flow, they found an interesting side effect: rock solid erections. When the marketers got a hold of it, they literally created a new disease and called it erectile dysfunction. Good science… poor execution. But I’ll admit, you could also say it was incredible execution, and I wouldn’t argue with you. The only problem was that men began covering a problem instead of facing the real issue, which might very well be their own built up anxieties and poor health. Addressing that wouldn’t be very easy. Having men own up to their emotional issues is no easy task. Well, if everyone was perfectly rational and emotionally sound, most hypnotists would be out of a job!

Perhaps pseudoscience isn’t even the right word… it’s just not completely a science.

You don’t have problem A, then administer solution Y. People are too different. They have emotional needs. The emotional body is more fluid than that. You’ve got to look into a person deeply and really see what they need–and more importantly, you’ve got to look into yourself and determine what you need, making your own choices.

Hypnosis is just a word

Yes, that’s right. It may be best to use no words for the phenomenon at all, but now we’re stuck with it, forever trapped in all the old-timey stereotypes. These stereotypes might benefit us or hinder us, but you can be sure that they definitely confuse the mind, steering us from the truth. Who knows what it really is?

Hypnosis itself isn’t a placebo effect–it USES the ‘magic’ of the placebo effect.

The placebo effect gets in the way when you are doing scientific studies. But in hypnosis, the same thing that makes a placebo work is what we want to enhance. We want to believe in ourselves. We want to know that the change we desire is done already.

The placebo effect can typically account for 10-40% of the positive results in a scientific study. That’s without even trying. When we target that mind-power and enhance it to it’s full abilities, we can get that up to 80% or 200% or even far beyond that… we have no true limits.

Does it work? Yes. Can something be not-science and still work? Yes.

Studies can show that meditation and hypnosis work. But they cannot always find why, and they can’t readily measure the success even if we can see some change.

There are countless studies showing the benefits of meditation… but meditation is definitely not a science. Just try to find a study showing the best type of meditation that gives the best results (for anything in particular). You won’t find any. It’s too emotional, too individual, and too complex to even begin to grasp with math.

Just look at this video explaining the problems with all the meditation studies. We know that meditation works to improve us, but even science can’t prove that it does, or the extent of what is possible.

You can’t measure inputs and outputs–and that’s okay.

Maybe one day we will figure out some way to measure it, but not until there is a gigantic paradigm shift in the world of science. If you can’t measure it, it cannot be science. But that doesn’t make it not real.

People have feelings, and you can’t measure them.

In order to completely and scientifically study hypnosis and related phenomena, you would have to know exactly what is going in, and measure the change that is happening. Let’s say that you are using hypnosis to gain confidence… how do you measure the confidence levels? It’s just not possible. You can’t possibly measure it in joules, meters, or liters. You can’t simply ask for a self-reported level, either–because our perceptions change every few minutes. At 2:30PM, Joe feels strong and confident. At 2:37, Joe might feel weary and frightened of his future. We humans are a fickle bunch!

It has been proven countless times that hypnosis is effective for weight loss. Not only is it tremendously effective… hypnosis for weight loss is far and wide the most common therapeutic usage of hypnosis. But how can you properly measure the effectiveness? Even if you measure people losing weight, you can’t be sure what is truly causing it… There’s no real control group. You can’t measure a placebo, because giving them a placebo would be giving them hypnosis. If it does work, it might not be the hypnosis that’s doing it. It could be the idea of it working that makes it work, or it could simply be the nice personality of the hypnotist improving your life. Conversely, a bad hypnotist might make matters worse. What if they were so bad that they made people gain weight, or cause eating disorders? Would we conclude that hypnosis must cause those bad things? Of course not! Hypnosis doesn’t change people. People change people.

It’s not that hypnosis is proven or unproven by science, it’s just that it can’t even be properly studied with the scientific method and mathematics!

‘Hypnosis’ doesn’t change us. Humans simply change each other.

Renowned hypnotist Jason Linett has a great story about a man that called him one day to say that he has successfully never touched a cigarette again after being hypnotized. After getting the man’s name, Jason looked through his meticulously well-kept records to find out what he must have done right. But there was a big problem… He couldn’t find any record of ever giving this man hypnotherapy treatment. When he finally got to speak to the man again, he found out that he was hypnotized at a stage show. After looking through the notes for that particular show, he noticed that he said nothing about smoking or addiction at all!

So how did Jason do it? It turns out he didn’t do it at all. The man simply thought that hypnosis was a cure for smoking (and it is). The man had no idea, however, that you generally need a specific addiction treatment to make that happen.

Was this the work of hypnosis? Did the man create his own hypnosis? Does this mean that hypnosis may be entirely unnecessary?

These questions are far too difficult, so I think you to come to your own conclusions on that.

We are emotional and we need to be touched

There was a time before we knew that children need human touch and affection in order to grow into healthy functioning adults. Scientists would put babies into little groups, and give out measured touches to some groups of babies and nothing to the others (definitely passing the line into neglect here).

This was ended quickly when they discovered the desperate trouble that comes from withholding human touch to a child… and even adults need contact too.

Military soldier in a desert petting a Labrador dog

Hypnosis is a way of touching another human, not necessarily physically, but definitely emotionally and mentally. Many of us are dried up in these areas, and having these emotional experiences helps us grow. It’s somewhat like watching an emotional movie and experiencing the out-pour of emotions that we subconsciously (and for some select people, consciously) crave. But with these guided meditations or hypnosis sessions we usually have a goal in mind when we practice.

Have you ever seen a man that claims he never cries? Always so lost, misguided, and having neglected needs–thinking that hiding away emotions will make them manlier, only to find it makes them colder.

People heal faster when they are touched, physically, emotionally, or mentally. I love what Pope Francis had to say about giving to beggars and panhandlers. He said that you should give freely, enjoy the act of giving as a blessing for yourself, and most importantly, to hold their hand for a moment while you touch them with your gaze.

Stop, look the person in the eyes, and touch his or her hands as you give to them. -Pope Francis

Beliefs change the mind, and the mind changes beliefs.

Hypnosis can USE science, but that doesn’t make it a science.

Hypnotists use all kinds of methods from psychology all the way to nutrition. These are simply some of the tools. A hypnotist must look into psychology, studies from all areas, look into their subject, but most of all, look into themselves.

However, they cannot be too systematic about the approach. Having a set of techniques and scripts that you play out will make you seem like a robot. It’s not effective for another person. It doesn’t recognize their wonderfully unique needs. Having a strict system in place just makes it work less!

Hypnosis can be fudged, just the way a more science-based practice can be.

It’s dangerous to see a bad hypnotist, or any bad alternative-medicine practitioner for that matter. But it’s also dangerous to see a bad medical doctor. Sometimes we need the help of the right people, and not the right facts.

Don’t let a few bad practitioners ruin the good stuff.


A hypnotist might ignore “facts” and change the facts instead.

Keep telling yourself you are weak, and you will become weaker. Keep telling yourself you are strong, and you will be that much stronger!

Just like the man who was instantly healed from his smoking addiction, changing the ‘facts’ about your own emotions will make them factual.

If you keep believing in certain facts as the truth, you might be the one making it the truth. The trick is to make the facts based yourself and your thoughts, and never anyone else’s…. because no one likes being told something new.

I can fly

That’s right. I can open my arms and float into the sky…

gliding, paragliding, and flying through the air to a sunset

Don’t get the wrong idea here, though. I can fly because I have identified the feelings I want to feel when I fly, and then I get to fly when I have fulfilled those feelings one way or another. Maybe it’s a sense of total freedom… appreciation so vivid that it makes everything else disappear… or the sense that I have accomplished my dreams. When those desires are fulfilled, I can fly.

If someone has a wild and impossible dream, we can always make the inner feelings of it. Then the real manifestation of it will come to life. We find a way to jetpack, paraglide, or go for a ride at the theme park. We find a way to skyrocket our success, help people do amazing things, and do what we always wanted.

Then we’re flying.

The great thing about science (and engineering, actually) is that we will always find a way to make it really happen (real flying!) after that moment of imaginative experience and fulfillment has already brought us to that place.


Skepticism is NOT scientific.

With skepticism, you are holding onto a belief… a belief in disbelief.

Questioning is scientific. To be scientific, you might say “let’s explore this further”. You are open minded, and believe that anything may be possible. You don’t believe or disbelieve in anything (ideally). If you are skeptical, you are actually saying that you don’t believe in something because it negates your current belief system.


There are some things going on that science just cannot explain yet

In fact, science typically does not prove or explain anything. It finds evidence for things. Scientists don’t like to make claims so easily, because they like to question things (good scientists do, anyway).

No one agrees on what hypnosis is

This might be the number one thing that prevents so much metaphysical phenomena from being studied. It simply can’t be, if we don’t all agree on what it is. Everything from hypnosis to meditation, tai chi and qigong, reiki, and numerology. None of these things can be defined so easily.

Math guys really get to savor in the glory of proofs — undeniable definitions. It’s too bad that they’re the only ones who get to do that.

You know what’s better than defining the entire world into perfect little boxes?

A high five.

Dog giving a high five to someone's finger
Hit me with that shizz

Everything is hypnosis

You go into hypnosis when you’re driving down the highway, when you watch a relaxing movie, or even when you have a normal conversation with someone. You grew up being hypnotized. People told you what to do, where to go, what to wear, and how to live. It’s all around you. It’s a part of you.

How you holding up? It’s a lot to read, I know. But don’t worry, we’re almost done.

If you want the closest true scientific exploration, then look towards quantum physics.

And yes, quantum physics is real science. It looks like one of the only branches of science with a hope of discovering the true nature of metaphysical phenomena. A scientific explanation would be a juicy discovery, and I hope we all live to experience the day that science and the spiritual world can meld together.

Until then, hypnosis is ‘pseudoscience’ (whatever that means), and that’s okay.

In summary, it will be best if hypnosis remains this way… because the moment someone decides they know exactly what is happening, you can be sure that they are lying or delusional–because no human truly knows even a glimpse of the truth.

Bad science and pseudoscience should not be confused with each other, however. While pseudoscience may also be bad science, most of bad science is not generally considered pseudoscience. In fact, bad science is normal. Pseudoscience, on the other hand, is defined precisely by deviating from the norm of science. – Bad Science is Normal (Pseduoscience is neither)