Hypnosis Sites

These are all the most well-trained and certified hypnotherapists on the web.

Best for combo packages – Hypnosis Live

Hypnosis Live

Targeting your desire from multiple angles will work the best. Plus you get a really great price for the combos. They also give out a ton of coupons and the service is great.

Best selection – Hypnosis Downloads

Uncommon Knowledge, the biggest hypnosis and hypnotherapy site on the web

These guys have hundreds of recordings for obscure things. It’s an absolutely monstrous collection. You can go here if you’re looking for something that other sites are unlikely to have. You might be surprised by the obscure issues that they can solve with just one recording or two.  Whether you are making yourself a recording, or you want to hypnotize a friend, they also have over 1100 scripts–which means you’ll find whatever you need.

Best for scripts – Hypnotic World

Many people work best with their own voice–there’s no one you can trust more than yourself.

Best for custom recordings – Hyptalk

Not very many hypnotherapists offer custom recordings at a reasonable price. But if you want something really specific, customs work wonders– having it made just for you makes it work much better than a regular recording will. When they speak to you and your individual needs, it really reaches deep inside you quickly.

Best For Law of Attraction Mindset – Natural Hypnosis

If you love The Secret and Abraham Hicks, then you will fit right in with this hypnotist–who happens to be  particularly persuasive and charismatic.


Best for complete and thorough training – Hypnosis Bootcamp

These 7-day programs will really kick you into gear. If you want to tackle it with force head on, there is no better way to make sure you really kick some ass.