Best Female Hypnotists on Soundcloud

Maybe you prefer a female voice for your hypnosis content. That wouldn’t be unusual, seeing how most people do prefer female-voiced hypnosis. So we have rounded up a list of female voice artists that are ultra hypnotic.

Soundcloud’s a great platform. You can listen to all your favorite music artists. But we have something else in mind that you can listen to–hypnosis, of course!

We love to include all of hypnotherapy, recreational, AND erotic hypnosis, so you might find a mixture of all that on this website. We don’t judge. We love all of it. But most of the content highlighted today will be therapeutic in tone (skip to the end of the list for content that’s a little more edgy and erotic-leaning). Going deep into the mind is something that should be included in everything. All of life should be hypnotic, and we commend these people for doing this.

Soundcloud is totally free (as of writing this), which is super sweet! So you have nothing to lose by listening to these people. Please support them on their own personal websites. Remember, for many of these hypnotists, it actually costs them money to list their tracks here!  They put a ton of work, creativity, and dedication into making this content. What a life it is to experience this. Respect and appreciate it.

We encourage you to listen to this kind of content as much as possible to train your brain to be more relaxed and care-free throughout the day. The emotions of the listening experience really spread into your daily life. Your brain is plastic. Your mind is bendable. So putting your mind into a more relaxed cozy place is really nice, and we all need that.  It’s okay that you need that. Looking at the way people are today, it would be strange if you didn’t need that in your life!

Here they are, in no particular order:

Susannah Conway

What a lovely voice with a United Kingdom accent. So sweet and comforting. Her tracks could best be described as meditations, but they are worth checking out.

Laura De Giorgio – Deep Trance Now

Let’s be clear, right from the start–these are all 30 second demos, which gets a big thumbs down from us, but we will mention them anyway, because we don’t mind people selling content. After all, people should be paid for doing this excellent work for the world. However, we recommend that all creators share some full-length content instead of trailers/demos for their paid content. This is not just a better way to display your content, but you’ll get way more views and listens, and gain notoriety among the community. You can still make paid content too! We just recommend that you share full-length free content as well.

Elisabeth Clarke – Mullingar Hypnosis

Loads of full length content for your listening pleasure. Awesome to see. And still being updated as of time of writing this! Cool. Some of these could use a good description to go along with the strange descriptions… Titles like “Coke The Crazy Girlfriend From Hell”? Yeah, we’re gonna need to know what this is about before we jump too deep into that. Most of the titles are pretty self-explanatory, though. Having a great title and description is everything. These listen counts are criminally low for an opportunity like this, so check it out and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Bethany Jane Pike – Smart Hypnosis

Another great United Kingdom voice. These UK accents always sound so smart and reasonable. And that’s exactly how I would describe these tracks. It’s not well updated, and the website listed is gone, but the quality is great!  

Simone Gordon – The Hypnosis Prognosis

No free audios, but she is a board-certified hypnotist who answers hypnosis related questions with a doctor in an interview style podcast format. Lots of discussion, but if you’re looking for actual hypnosis files, then skip this one.


Some good general therapeutic stuff. The audio quality and voicework is there, which is the important part. Definitely worth checking out.

DonnaBloom – Wise Mind Hypnosis

This stuff has a great sound, and she’s very genuine. Audio quality and levels are good. Lots of content. It all checks out! She also offers a lot of Jewish-specific hypnosis content, which is interesting. 

Lisa Davies qp Hypnosis

What is it about UK accents that are so gosh darned agreeable? She’s all about health and wealth for women. Not well updated but seems like good stuff. Old content can still be great content.

Ella Enchanting 

Ella Enchanting’s work is often very interesting, teetering on that edge of therapeutic and recreational/erotic. Her voice is truly endearing. 

Arry Hypnosis

Simple and effective, this erotic-leaning content often has a focus on maid and cow content. A great voice, for sure. Arry is non-gendered, so it’s a shame to have them on this list, but we don’t have a list for that–so enjoy the free promotion anyway! 

Lara M

The internet is no stranger to sissy hypnosis content. But this appears to be some quality audio. It’s not just sissy material, though. You can find some awesome hardcore femdom stuff too. 


Impish Hypnosis

It’s awesome to see a more conversational style. Especially in an erotic context. According to her twitter, Soundcloud is her main platform. We would LOVE to see more from this creator.


More hypnotists!

Surely we have not covered everyone that truly deserves to be here on this list. Please help us expand it by posting your favorite creators in the comments.

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