Hypnosis V-Tubers List

Buckle up, weeaboos, we’re going for a ride! We have stormed the internet in search of virtual hypno waifus for your entertainment.

So what is a Vtuber?

A VTuber is someone that makes videos using a virtual character. Usually this involves some form of motion capture, but it can be any kind of animation. This sort of thing may seem perplexing to many at first, but it is rising with popularity. I mean, how nice it is to have an online persona without ever having to show your identity. Welcome to the internet, my friend.


In no particular order, here’s our list of VTubers that do any form of hypnosis, mind control, or similar.


Queen Sitra

Looks like she is a Twitch streamer that does lots of hypnotic things. Check the Youtube for some interesting vids.


CutestHypnotist (Pixel Kit)

You might find a couple of mommy-themed videos



She only does the occasional Kaa-style roleplay hypnosis, but it’s worth mentioning. If you want to know more, check her out on the Saa Virtual Youtuber Wiki


Secret Subject

Now here’s lots of content! Secret Subject has been around for quite a while now. She started off doing audios on Reddit, and eventually moved to doing mostly vtuber streams. Check out her soundgasm page and support her on her Patreon.


The Hypnowitch

She likes to hang out on VRChat, which can be a pretty wild place. It definitely makes things interesting.


Hypnotist Sappho

Sappho is an incredibly controversial (to put it gently) hypnotist that enjoys hanging out in VRChat and trancing people.


Lua Asuka Ch

You’ll find some ASMR-style hypnosis content here.



A virtual girl that is doing surprisingly well in terms of sales, often hitting the top selling list as of time of writing, despite not being a real girl. Animations are creative and well done, and feature more hardcore femdom and findom themes.

The Hypnosis Review

Reviews for hypnosis media in simple terms

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