30+ Best Hypnotists on YouTube

Which are you looking for, therapy or recreation?

We have divided up this list into different categories so that the page size isn’t too massive. This page is for non-therapeutic hypnosis (even though these videos and audios may be like therapy for you). This includes recreational, erotic, and/or transformational hypnosis.

If you’re looking specifically for free HYPNOTHERAPY, you can find that list here.

ASMR is not included in this list, even though many ASMR creators (or ASMRtists, as some call them) often make hypnosis videos as well. There are just far too many creators making these videos to catalogue them all here– and even more people watching them! These videos are wildly popular. The phenomenon must feel quite amazing. In fact, if you’re looking for someone to hypnotize you on video, ASMR videos may be the best option. They are much more likely to do videos (instead of just audios) compared to a hypnotist.

If you want to see some videos of people being hypnotized, you can find that here.

Before we go through this giant list, lets go over a few caveats.

YouTube is the easiest way to get free hypnosis

Go back just a decade or so, and you’ll see that YouTube was all about funny skits, cat videos, and vlogs. You can still find that today, but you can also find plenty of music and amateur-created audios, like hypnosis tracks. There’s plenty to choose from, and you’ll find even more amateur recordings than professional ones in the free hypnosis world.

Free audios come with no guarantee of quality

Welcome to the internet– if you want the best stuff, you’ve got to pay for it (just like anywhere else). But if you just want to dip your toes in, there’s plenty of stuff to find for free on YouTube. You can pay these amazing content creators by watching some advertisements in their videos. If you see an advertisement in the middle of a video, it is probably NOT the intention of the creator. That is an issue on YouTube’s part (you get what you pay for, right?)

Please note that many of these videos may be gone by the time you read this, or the entire channels may disappear. This is the nature of the internet. Maybe YouTube demonetized or deleted them, and forcing them to pack up and move elsewhere. In fact, just within the few weeks it took to write this post, multiple channels were deleted before the final version was even posted! We had to take them off the list after just adding them. They tend to delete things seemingly at random. They often leave up videos containing nudity, but remove videos that are not even inherently sexual or inappropriate– Just like when they deleted one of Lex’s (Entrancement UK) videos of a fully clothed girl being consensually tied at a rope-play event

Choose the one for you

There’s so much to choose from today, and please remember that there is generally no one greatest hypnotist–there are only people that work especially well for you. Maybe you love their voice, the way they look, the file types that they make, or anything else. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you find the one(s) that you love. No one else can make the choice but you.

Please support your favorite creators. Give them likes/thumbs up, subscribe, add their videos to playlists, comment, watch their ads, join their Patreons, buy their files. Do whatever you can. All you have to do is interact with their channel or website and it will give them a big boost. Many of these people give up their careers for this, and many erotic creators are forced to give up their jobs and lose opportunities for future careers by doing this. Give them something back for providing for you.

The list has been divided into Male and Female, as many prefer to watch/listen to their preferred gender. Hit one of the links below to jump right to what you’re interested in.

cartoon character laying down listening to hypnotherapy

Male Voiced

On video

First let’s look at creators that are making videos with their face showing, that you can be hypnotized while you look at them. Certainly not as common as just doing audio, but for many people, the extra effort works wonderfully. Visual stimulation can be even more effective than just audio, and getting to look at your hypnotist can give you a sense of closeness.

Nimja Hypnosis

One of the greatest hypnotists on the web, especially in terms of the library of content available (it’s an enormous archive! Awesome).

Nimja is known for his great website too, where you can find all kinds of amazing imagery to go with your trance. It’s kind of a choose-you-own adventure of hypnosis. Not the most beautiful, jazzy website on earth, but that’s because it is made to be super useful. It gets the job done, and that’s it. Web sites in the hypnosis niche are generally not pretty OR functional. It’s one of the cleanest, best-working websites in the entire hypnosis world, with literally hundreds of recordings and visualizations that can be made with a million different tweaks. Almost all of it for free. Hats off to him for that.

He probably has a great website because he is also a programmer. Creative and logical? Could be a winning combo.

Jackson Stock (Transform Hypnosis)

A male hypnotist that primarily does transformations, mind control roleplay videos, and the occasional hypnosis review. He has a slow, deep voice, and sometimes does some therapeutic-styled audios. You can find themes based on inter-planetary overlords, CEO/boss hypno, and mental domination.

TransformHypnosis Twitter

The Mind Nerd

This guy mostly does hypnosis trick videos. He does challenges like “Can I Hypnotize You?”, making your hands glued together, and making your hands move on their own.

Hypnosis Audio

These are mostly just audios with a solid background/photo, a spiral, or other perhaps other imagery.

Ultra Hypnosis

One of the biggest and most popular male hypnotists, with a HUGE library of quality content. They have pretty much everything, so you’ll have to look through the video list and enjoy choosing what you like.

The Transformation Parlor

Animal transformation videos. Great selection. As much as I love seeing a good varied selection, it’s best when someone really aces a subgenre. That makes the people in that niche really happy and fulfilled, which is what it’s all about in the end! These are made by Oren Otter (cute name).

A book from a Rogue Hypnotist with secret techniques

CG Hypnosis

Sissification and feminization.

Wizard Hypnosis

Male voiced hypnos with a heavy theme of brainwashing.

Master Control

Plenty more brainwashing, heavy control themes and submission/domination.

The Great O

Slightly smaller channel with plenty of audios and more to come

Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist

The Dominicator

Male domination, fitness, masculinization. He does things like become more masculine, lift weights, become mindless, have dominant male posture. This is a great one for the Jock Hypno lovers.

Silver Hypnosis

Male voiced hypnosis with a HUGE selection of videos

Hypno Matic

Plenty of very different content, which is always great to see. They have lots of jock hypnosis themed content like weight gain, muscle growth, alpha jock hypno, college jock, sports, muscle slave, and even fattening.

You can also find some animal transformation audios and all kinds of other fun oddities. They also feature some health improvement audios so you can be wholesome and enjoy hypnotic control roleplay.

Hypnosis Live

Female Voiced

There is quite possibly many more female voiced hypnosis on the web. It may be because women tend to be more creative and sensual… but you aren’t that unlikely to also find that in men, so it may be just because the demand is higher. The gender wage gap can be totally reversed in this scenario, because of the popularity of women doing hypnosis online. This is especially in the context of adult content, where women undeniably dominate the industry because of the monstrous-sized viewer base.

On Video

Cara Institute of hypnosis

Featuring a very wide variety of female AND male hypnotists of varying skill levels, doing both therapeutic and mildly sexual videos. You can even find videos of people being hypnotized. They also include some VR (virtual reality) hypnosis, which is a very new and welcome addition. I hope they end up exploring that further, because the experience of hypnosis with VR is going to be incredible when the technology is fully fleshed out.

They have TONS of content that you can chew on. The video library is absolutely gigantic. You might find just about anything you’re looking for. They have therapeutic recordings, erotic stuff, self improvement, etc.

A lot of the videos will feature cheesy stereotypes, but there’s still plenty to enjoy. Maybe you’re even into that!

Haylee Lynn (Hypnotic Haylee)

She features a few great hypnosis videos and a couple of audios. Good skill. Definitely worth checking out.

Get taken away.

cartoon character laying down listening to hypnotherapy

Madame Violet

At time of writing, she has a few videos available on YouTube. She has absolutely excellent induction technique. She has an almost sing-song type voice, and it will drop you very deep.

You can tell that she has exemplary skill, because she does an absolutely incredible job even without fancy recording equipment (in fact her equipment is quite awful), no special effects, and no hypnotic music at all. Just a pure communication from mind to voice, and then from your ear to your brain. That’s a powerful demonstration.

She likes to keep things PG on Youtube (okay, not that PG). She still age-restricts her own YouTube videos, which is a nice gesture to keep under-age YouTube viewers away from anything that can lead to NSFW stuff. However, that means you’ll probably have to log in to view it.

When she uses audio/video effects, she uses them well. None of those cheesy, poorly done spirals and echos. The editing is very good.

She claims to be trained as a clinical hypnotherapist, but you won’t find much therapeutic content. Unless this happens to make you feel so good it cures your ailments.

You can check out this video to see her induction style.

Jade Slave

A couple of different videos for you to see. I love how she dresses up with different interesting outfits for each video. It’s very creative. Every video appears to have the exact same name (Femdom Hypnosis). Might be a terrible marketing strategy, but they are actually different videos.

Female Hypno Spy

Similar to the Cara Institute of hypnosis. There are some full videos, but most of them are previews. Plenty of different female hypnotists (more like actresses) on display. They love to play the old-timey mind control with stopwatch trope (which many people still love!). If you’re not a real old fashioned hypno addict, you might just find these videos hilarious. Check it out if you’re into that sort of thing, though.

Note: many of these videos are just preview demos!

Trance Mistress

A few dozen interesting videos from a female hypnotist. Lots of eye fixation, mixed in with a little bit of mind control themes.

Hypnosis audio

Fiona Clearwater

She publishes her content on the UltraHypnosis channel.


These videos don’t have a lot of spoken word. They are mostly just text on hypnosis images and pictures of women. Maybe the visual types will enjoy this.

Neverside Labs

A project with a fictional female hypnotist, but you can experience real hypnosis with it. They do brainwashing, dominance and submission, etc. It appears to be a work in progress. Feel free to support them if you enjoy it, so that the project can grow.

Arousing Audio

Oh boy. Here we go. Have you ever been to the ‘weird part of YouTube’? Well this is pretty much the epicenter.

If there was a neuro-programming sex cult, this would be the messiah. The final boss of the hypno-internet.

There’s no actual videos of hypnotists here, but there’s plenty of visual action going on here. Plenty of extremely odd visuals and audios going on… Possibly the strangest and most surreal videos on the entire internet. If you were looking for absurd sexuality, mind-melting, and the occult… this is your one-stop-shop. Typically using hundreds of samples from pop culture, pornography, nonsense (seemingly) texts and images, it really makes you question life itself. Question your values, your sexuality, your thoughts and conceptions. It’s a great example of dadaism or surrealism (an artistic movement defined by it’s mockery of materialism, nationalism, and other forms. In this situation they appear to be making a mockery of human sexuality, amongst other things). It ranges from stunningly hilarious to exceptionally erotic. I’m not sure if it’s genius or if it’s crazy, but it’s certainly nothing in between.

Oh yeah, and good luck trying to ask the creator about the real point or intention of the videos. They may reply, but you won’t find any real explanation. Perhaps you are meant to find that conclusion yourself. The mystery is part of the allure.

They may also have a channel on certain non-worksafe websites (I won’t give links to this). Find that if you’re ready to go to an even weirder experience…



Also known as ShibbySays or KinkyShibby.

She is a very sensual and kink-loving hypnotist. She uses a lot of sensations in her work, ranging from mild and relaxing to VERY intense. You’ll find it absolutely amazing if you’re into physical sensations. She offers most of her work for free, but you can also find more of her work on Patreon.

Shibby clearly puts a lot of quality and care into her work, so she is highly recommended.

She is producing a very nice hypnotic audio mixing program known as the Hypno Dungeon, and looking into other voice-over jobs for upcoming games and programs. She has is also voicing the audio-book version of Mark Wiseman’s Mindplay, the one of the most premiere books on erotic hypnosis.

A guide to erotic hypnosis

Jacquelin Powers

You’ll find great selection of interesting audios here. She has a really great cadence and timing in her voice.

The videos are a little short. Like a quick candy treat. You can find body changes like breast growth or hair growth, mind control/slavery, animal transformations, and erotic hypnosis.

Great channel. Love to see the mixture of content.

Samantha Sez

Robotic sounding female voice with spirals, still images of women, or pocketwatch pendulums.

How to use hypnosis to bring out the best in your sex life

The Hypnomistress

There are a number of channels online named something similar, like HypnosisMistresses (a channel that shows mainly women hypnotizing other people) but it’s the content that counts, and it’s all different stuff. This is the channel for Mia Croft and Scarlet Bordeaux. They do erotic and non-erotic hypnosis. Most of the YouTube videos feature a glowing animation of eye(s) looking at you while you go into a trance for them. They have great voices and talent.

“This is a great resource, thank you and well done.
Would you mind updating our listing. The Erotic Hypnosis loving robots at YT managed to delete our Channel. I am steadily putting back all the previous sessions and adding new video every week also.
The other update that would be nice for you to mention is that the HypnoMistress now features a few of my Hypnotic girlfriends and not just Scarlet. This is I think a little unique and different to most sites listed here. Alexandra, Sophia, Scarlet, Katya, Liv Wild and myself Mia Croft are all featured on our Youtube Channel.
Xxx Mia”

Aurelia Alder

There may be pictures of someone in the thumbnail, but these are just audios. Plenty of original themed content that’s well done. They have some recreational stuff and erotic themed items as well.

A book about hypnotizing someone's mind covertly

SSEM Binaural-Sexual Stimulation Erotic Meditation

Another awesome ultra-strange channel where you can find brain-melting stuff! There is just about nothing average going on here. Unfortunately though, it’s mostly just binaural tones. No speech, perhaps no real hypnosis. But definitely hypnotic.

Elisabeth Hequet

French accent female hypnotist. Plenty of weird stuff to get into, much of it in french or english with a heavy accent. A lot of mind control/brainwashing themes, domination, and some feminization.

Princess Kasha

Also known as Kasha Shakti. This channel has lots of videos, but most of them are just samples.

Princess Fae

Very feminine high-pitched female voice. Mind control, slavery, themes like bimbofication, dollification, etc.

BDSM girl hypnotized


Female-voiced, great erotic hypnosis channel with some incredible fantasies. She does more than just a traditional style of hypnosis, which makes things very interesting to listen to– often telling stories, or giving musings on different topics. She also has a podcast that you can listen to, if you want to kick back and keep things more casual. As always, though… it may not be a good idea to listen to a hypnotist while driving (even if it is a podcast), because you may be conditioned to fall asleep to their voice.

Eve’s Garden

Eve is just an angel, you can tell she’s a very kind and caring person. You can find her commonly on the GoneWildAudio subreddit. On this channel, she posts her hypnosis-themed audios. Nothing is sexier than good organization, if you ask me. She self describes it as sex-positive and male-positive, and I would have to agree. You can find plenty of male-degrading domination out there (and many men will most definitely want that), but you wont find that here.

She is quite the skilled voice artist, so don’t miss this one.

Enchantress Esmeralda

A few femdom audios, some are samples, some are full audio

So many great people listed here, maybe you have fallen in love already! I hope you enjoy this list, as it took quite a long time to make. If you know any more great hypnotists that should be on this list, then please let us know in the comments section!

Don’t forget that you can also see the list of hypnotherapists on YouTube and the videos of people being hypnotized.

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    It’s really good to see someone do the effort to gather a comprehensive list of high quality stuff. And to be on top of that list… Wow. I would not have expected that.

    Awesome work, Mr. Jackson!

    • March 12, 2018 at 11:35 pm

      There is no particular order, but I thought I should put a great creator up first!

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    Really thorough review, Thank You.

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    Richard Anthony here…50+ year veteran of stage, erotic, and therapeutic hypnosis.
    I first experienced erotic hypnosis in 1969, with my stage mentor and partner, Ginger
    Court. In those days it was very hush hush. And in fact I know quite a few male and
    female hypnotists that even today do it on the “sly” for fear of losing regular therapy

    Having said that, I judge my preferences on structure, wording/writing, (In fact I have
    written several scripts for some of the females on your list.) vocal styles as in how a
    person uses their vocal modulation,

    Also there are several excellent males and females in other countries who are not on
    the list as they do their work in non English languages…But are nonetheless excellent.

    Just my 2 cents worth…


    • August 27, 2019 at 8:05 pm

      Yes, many great hypnotherapists that are not sharing online. What a shame! The internet loves new content. Would love to see links to those hypnotists in other languages! Please share.

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    Quite happy to appear in a top of the best hypnotist 😉 Even more since I often goes as well by the name MissEleanor that I’m ranked a bit upside Essucubus with who I get confused a lot.

  • August 29, 2020 at 12:32 am

    For male voices, I’m not sure if he’s on youtube but a lot of his videos are, but EMG is an old standby. They are on youtube under things like “EMG Hypnosis – Jock Transformations,” “EMG Hypnosis – Transformations” (furry, dragon, etc.); and so forth. He was the introduction to hypnosis for a lot of us that found WMM.

    He doesn’t have a lot but I really like musclemesmerizer / hypnomesmerize. His paid stuff has been improving, so I hope he gets more free stuff on YouTube soon too.

    I’d love to be a good muscle hypnopup for him, for Jackson (though I think he’s straight?) and for Dominicator, they’re all hot. And a couple of them with those furry chests 😛 Dominicator’s look and dudevoice especially get me hot.

    I enjoyed Nimja’s spirals options but I’ve seen some accusations about him lately, so proceed with caution there. Also glad to see Kyle’s not on this list. Not sure if his stuff is on YouTube anyway but definitely not trustworthy (in terms of hypnosisbykyle in case there’s more than one

  • October 22, 2020 at 10:27 pm

    This is a great resource, thank you and well done.
    Would you mind updating our listing. The Erotic Hypnosis loving robots at YT managed to delete our Channel. I am steadily putting back all the previous sessions and adding new video every week also.
    The other update that would be nice for you to mention is that the HypnoMistress now features a few of my Hypnotic girlfriends and not just Scarlet. This is I think a little unique and different to most sites listed here. Alexandra, Sophia, Scarlet, Katya, Liv Wild and myself Mia Croft are all featured on our Youtube Channel.
    Xxx Mia

  • April 17, 2021 at 9:10 am

    Thank you for the great list,
    I’d like to add Mistress Carol, as I adore the sound of her voice, on YouTube soundcloud and My hypnotic Domain

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    Hello hypnosis fans!

    If you want to REMOVE HIDDEN HYPNOTIC COMMANDS AND TRIGGERS that you didn’t ask for or want hanging around, I have a free video to help you fix that here on Youtube. https://youtu.be/-dSbo39cD0M

    I am just starting my channel with free content. I have been around but previously on paid sites (www.niteflirt.com/governesse_samois) where you can find reviews for me.

    I hope this free video helps you continue to enjoy your hypnotic journey and maybe one day I will be on this fabulous list too!

    Governesse Samois

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    Your review of Samantha Sez is well outdated. Samantha Sez has really upped her (his!) game so that it is now near the top. You really need to retry Samantha Sez’s stuff.

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    Greetings, A little message from Elisabeth Hecquet, After my channel youtube got banned because some of my moans were used as an anchor of some triggers I moved to my own website where my files are now hosted 🙂


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