How to make amazing hypnosis videos

Why do it when others have already done it?

So many people tend to think you need some new idea in order to start something. Of course you don’t! There’s no way you’ll be doing it exactly like someone else. You’ll also be bringing in new people that wouldn’t normally be interested in this type of mind-expanding experience.

The hypnosis market is NOT zero-sum. 

That means we do not share a pie of the market. We make the market. Countless numbers of internet users have no idea the benefits that they can get from meditative experiences–the wondrous joy that can be had just by following the voice of someone that cares about you dearly, knowing how to guide you to an even better place. Or the simple experience of going down into a deeper brainwave state, much like what happens during sleep, all while being awake! Just like a waking dream.

You may have hypnotized someone in person before, and seen their reaction afterwards–the pure joy, the lifting of suffering, a jump into bliss. And they had no idea that this was possible! They had no idea how fun, transformative, or how wonderfully sexy it can be. As quick as that, you have introduced them to a new life of possibility.

Each person that creates new and interesting content is adding more new people to the pie. I mean, why would anyone view these videos if there’s not that much available content? The internet thirsts for new content. There is just never enough. You have your own unique style and your own unique ideas that will attract more people, too. Reach out to groups that may not realize they can have these great experiences.

And here’s one more thing that I’ll be honest about. It’s not easy, and most people don’t put in the work. That makes it a seller’s market. I have a lot of respect for the people that do put in the work, because it provides a fountain of abundance for thousands of listeners. You can always improve your own success by helping others find it. That’s why I freely give away links to other great male hypnotists (the closest related channels) on my Youtube homepage.

cartoon character laying down listening to hypnotherapy

How to get started

Before you hit the record button on a camera, start by finding your ‘voice’. You can record audios with whatever device you have laying around, like perhaps a gaming headset or your device’s built-in microphone. If not, you can pick up some decent equipment on any budget.

You’ve already read a couple of books on hypnosis, right? If not, William Hewitt’s classic Hypnosis For Beginners is a great place to start for therapeutic usages, and Mark Wiseman’s Mind Play is the go-to book on erotic usages. Try out a few inductions, and then you’ll get used to making them up as you go along.

William Hewitt's book on getting started with hypnosis
A guide to erotic hypnosis

Make all-positive suggestions.

No matter what you say, make sure the wording is all positive (a topic beyond the scope of this post. You can read about this more in most hypnosis books)

Camera Setup

I’m absolutely in love with the Panasonic Lumix G7 because it’s a great 4k or 1080p/60 camera on the cheap. It performs almost the same as the GH4 or the almighty GH5 for a fraction of the price. Plus it has an awesome wifi function–great if you have no camera operator (and you probably wouldn’t need to read this if you had the budget to a hire a camera operator). Protip: a good camera makes you look even better than you do in real life.

The microphone is most important part though! You can do external recording using a device like Zoom or record onto a computer, but that’s kind of a hassle. Using an external camera mic is much easier. The Rode Videomic Pro is incredible.


Everyone who begins to upload videos online will learn quickly–you can’t just upload a video using some music you found. That’s illegal. You can, however, use royalty free music. You have to pay for the license to use it in your recordings, but the quality can often be incredible. You can also use none at all! Some people prefer to just hear your amazing voice.

Hypnosis Live

video Editing

Decent video editing programs are becoming very hard to find for free, or for a low cost at all. It’s no wonder… Editing and exporting video into dozens of different formats is complex stuff. The fact that anyone takes on the huge task of developing these programs is amazing.

Here’s a few programs available:

Adobe Premiere Pro

Davinci Resolve

Final Cut Pro

Sony Vegas Pro

How to make videos people actually watch

Did I say this was going to be easy? Nope… and no one else will, either. But you can still have an amazing time doing this, while you invite your viewers to join the feel-good party you got going on.

The most important part is a great title. Make sure the viewer knows that they are getting to receive something. If you named your video Hypnosis Relaxation Garden, it may not manifest very many views, because no one really knows what the point of it is going to be. However, if you make Unbreakable Brain Clarity, or Attract a Man With Your Mind, then you are really getting attention and helping people get what they truly want. Use as few words as possible, while still describing what it is.

Choose a thumbnail that attracts attention. You can use GIMP to easily make an image.

Engage with the community to find what people want
Look at forums and social communities. What’s popular? What’s in demand? When I joined, I looked at all the various groups that were made, and which ones had the most members (and which ones might be interesting for me to make content based on those interests). There were tons of fans of brainwashing fantasies, hypno muscle nerds, dress clothing hypnosis, all kinds of other interesting things. If you want to learn what the community wants, browse around the communities and see what people are really looking for.

Going public is hard?

Most people’s greatest fear is public speaking. You’re getting a ton of attention, and that can be translated as danger (to the mind). The primal lizard brain lights up with fear. And it’s totally normal. It’s to be expected.
But here’s the thing: you’re not going to get that much attention. No one is going to care about what you do. The world is so saturated with content, they aren’t going to care so much about what you’re doing and how good you do it.
So maybe you have a human brain with completely normal fears about being seen. Are you going to let that stop you from helping other people and lighting up their life with the new content you make?

Never work because you “should”.

Remove that word from your vocabulary. Only create from a place of harmony. As a hypnotist, guided meditator, or any other mindful entertainer, you can only make your work from a place of emotional alignment.
Many people will work jobs where they have to buck up and put in the action no matter how they feel. But this is not the place for that. Make good stuff from a place of good feelings, or make nothing at all. If you aren’t feeling so great, give yourself time to harmonize before you hit the record button. It may take minutes, days, or weeks. It doesn’t matter. The amount of time you need is the right amount of time.

Setting up your video description

1. Post a link to your website or main center of your content. do this first, because this is the snippet that will appear in search engine queries.
2. Copy-Paste the hypnosis script you used in the YouTube description (if you have a script). You do this for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes. You have already written this script, so get some double-usage out of it. Search engines will better find and index your content. Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckduckGo, etc. will all figure out what your video is really about based on the keywords that are coming up naturally in your script. If you were doing fitness-based hypnosis, the search engine will realize what’s going on when they see words like fat-burn, muscle, hypnotic, fitness, health, etc.
DO NOT spam the description with keywords though. Search engine algorithms know when you are doing this, and they do not like it.

General Tips:

  • In general, don’t use spirals over a video. It can be done right, but it usually isn’t done right, so don’t bother unless you are going for some kind of mind control trope.
  • Over deliver. Promise your audience good stuff and then deliver something ever better. Offer free content that’s better or different than anyone else’s, and then offer paid content that’s even better than that. Your fans will be BLOWN AWAY when they realize how great you can make them feel. That’s what turns them into die-hard fans.
  • When you aim to over-deliver, you’re going to realize that the content isn’t perfect. You need to also accept that it never will be. Keep doing it anyway, because no one really cares if it’s perfect.
  • Use eye contact to your advantage. It’s powerful.
  • Consider ignoring the comment section, especially if you are a female on YouTube.
  • Looks are less important than you think. Most viewers are craving to get their fix with their favorite flavor, and don’t care so much about the physical characteristics of who delivers. Besides, having a unique look tends to attract stronger long-time fans with a penchant for your style. Anything is possible on the internet.

If you have something great to add, feel free to comment below! And don’t be afraid to come here with any questions that you may have.

Jackson Stock

Jack provides honest reviews for hypnosis media in a way that the every-day person can understand.

2 thoughts on “How to make amazing hypnosis videos

  • April 28, 2018 at 7:03 pm

    Jackson, this is fantastic that you have this attitude about all of us helping each other. I have watched the video and read the instructional information, and I have one question. Nick Nimmin and Darral Eves always say that you should always reply, thumbs up and maybe even heart all the comments on your videos. But you say to ignore them. Is there some special reason for that?

    • April 28, 2018 at 7:54 pm

      Yes, that will be helpful for engagement, especially in the beginning. As your channel grows, you’ll find that you get a lot of flamers (par for the course, especially on YouTube). So if you can handle that, YES, it is actually helpful to reply.


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