Affiliate Disclaimer

Hey, I’m Jackson. I love honesty and transparency on the web. That’s why I want to be clear– some of the hypnotists featured here are kind enough to offer me a portion of the sales that I drive.
However, I am not compensated for giving positive reviews, nor encouraged to do so (though I prefer to promote the services that I find exceptionally good).
If my input has helped you make a decision, please feel free to click on my links, as some of them provide me a portion of the profit, with no additional cost to you.
My goal is to provide you the same nourishment I would offer to members of my own tribe. I aim to share as much info and opportunities as possible, regardless of a product owner being able to compensate me or not.
If you’d like to know anything else about this, please feel free to contact me using the contact page.
Freedom, appreciation, and understanding.
Thank you!
I love you.

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